Data at Rest Encryption Protects Sensitive Mission Data

Data at Rest Encryption
Data at Rest Encryption
January 19, 2015

Data at Rest Encryption Protects Sensitive Mission Data

Data Encryption Solutions from Curtiss-Wright

Data at rest encryption protects sensitive and classified data from falling into the wrong hands and endangering missions and personnel. This form of ciphering is especially critical for military missions that cross through hostile territory, where an aircraft or ground vehicle could be disabled and captured. Through this technique, data is encrypted before it is stored to disk and becomes "at rest." Data at rest encryption prevents unauthorized use or theft of data by parties who lack the proper encryption key to read the data.

Curtiss-Wright provides two levels of data-at-rest encryption. For sensitive but unclassified data, we provide commercial AES256 bit encryption that has been validated to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 (#1885).

To support applications that require encryption for secret and top secret data, Curtiss-Wright has partnered with General Dynamics to provide NSA Type 1 encryptors. Encryptors of secret and top secret levels of data must be analyzed and certified by the NSA to ensure they conform to criteria adopted and regulated by the NSA. The third-party NSA Type 1 encryption vendors that Curtiss-Wright works with have earned NSA certification for secret and top secret data.

Curtiss-Wright has developed network attached data storage systems that meet the NSA requirements when teamed with the services of the third-party encryptor.

If you have an application that requires encryption standards of the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense, contact Curtiss-Wright to discuss possible solutions.

Curtiss-Wright's Secure Rugged Storage products offer customers flexibility of key management. Customers can utilize internally generated keys or can pass keys to the Curtiss-Wright storage devices.

For further information about data-at-rest encryption services, contact us.

Paul Davis

Paul Davis

Director, Product Management

Paul Davis began his career for Curtiss-Wright as a Research Manager for the Dayton, OH facility in 1997. Paul has held positions including Director of Engineering managing a staff of 40+ engineers, managers, technicians, and co-op students; Product Manager for the switches, recorders, and various board-level products; and then Director of Product Management. Now retired, Paul worked in engineering and engineering management positions for 19 years.

Protecting critical data-at-rest (DAR) from unauthorized access

Today’s defense and aerospace platforms are required to protect critical data-at-rest (DAR) from unauthorized access. Curtiss-Wright offers cost-effective, proven, and certified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) storage solutions that match various data security requirements, including National Security Agency (NSA) Type 1, NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), Common Criteria (CC), and FIPS 140-2.


Reduce Program Costs with Curtiss-Wright System Solutions

Curtiss-Wright delivers complete system of systems integration and support services that reduce interoperability risks, lowers program costs and accelerates time to market. Our system solutions range from air data computers, to data recording and storage systems, networking and communications, mission computers, and video management systems.

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Highly reliable, rugged data storage solutions with large storage capacity & cutting-edge encryption

Our encrypted, solid-state network-attached storage (NAS) subsystems are designed to reliably provide file services to clients on an Ethernet network in a harsh environment. These NAS solutions protect data-at-rest (DAR) with the industry’s first NIAP Common Criteria (CC) certified 2-Layer encryption, as well as an option for NSA Type 1 encryption.