Dissecting All-to-All Architecture: the ultimate COMINT/ELINT signal analysis methodology

comint telescope

The figure below represents a conceptual flow diagram of the “All-to-All” architecture presented in the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions white paper “Dominating the Electromagnetic Spectrum with the Ultimate in COMINT/ELINT Signal Analysis Methodologies, the All-to-All Architecture.





Figure 1: All-to-All Architecture

In this all-to-all architecture, six high channel count DRS Technologies’ Vesper Radio Frequency (RF) tuners interconnect to six high core count Curtiss-Wright CHAMP-XD Intel Xeon D modules via two high density 40/10 Gigabit Ethernet switches all in a single OpenVPX chassis. Sensors, such as the Vesper multichannel RF tuners/exciters, inject their IF/baseband results over a high rate, low latency multicast data fabric, which can then in turn forward the data from any RF channel to any processor core. Alternatively, and in unison, data can be routed to recorders for post mission analysis.