How to Choose a Rugged Ethernet Switch or Router

ethernet router vs switch

Key Considerations for Rugged Ethernet Switch and Router Solutions

The first consideration when choosing an Ethernet switch or router – and one that you may have already determined when you started evaluating options – is form factor. In some cases, a line replaceable module (LRM), like a VPX Ethernet switch, is the right choice because it can be easily inserted into existing systems and individually upgraded without replacing the entire system. In other cases, a standalone subsystem or line replaceable unit (LRU) is the right solution.

In addition to choosing the appropriate form factor, there are core architectural requirements to evaluate when new platforms are developed and when legacy aircraft and land vehicles are modernized. The considerations apply equally to LRM and LRU form factors. Taking the time to explore each of these aspects in detail will put you in the best position to ensure your solution delivers the right combination of Ethernet switching and routing capabilities for program, platform, application, SWaP, and budget constraints.

Routing and Switching Requirements

Rugged Ethernet switches and routers form the core of network architectures. Embedded switch technology connects devices on a local area network (LAN) onboard ground vehicles or aircraft, enabling them to communicate and share information locally. Connected devices might include a mission computer, flight computer, video camera, weapons system, Ethernet-enabled radio, or wireless devices.