HPEC Teams Need Supercomputer Tools Now

October 02, 2015

HPEC Teams Need Supercomputer Tools Now

OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite: A Proven, Fast, Standards-based Way to Build High-performance Embedded Applications

High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) is here, systems moving to (and past) a hundred x86 cores – systems so powerful that they truly are deployable supercomputers. But building complex, many-processor application software is a huge schedule challenge. How will you optimize the algorithms, find bottlenecks within an array of interactions or manage clusters of processing cores for superior performance?

Look to Open, Proven Supercomputer Tools

Supercomputing has evolved a mature set of software development tools – math libraries, communications APIs, testing tools and cluster managers for huge numbers of processors. At Curtiss-Wright we developed an in-depth understanding of these tools by using them on multiple HPEC customer projects. Now, we’ve selected the best, from well-known companies like Bright Computing and Allinea, and integrated them into the OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite.

Proven Development Tools, Packaged and Integrated

OpenHPEC provides you with access to best-of-class open architecture APIs and tools - including a cluster manager, debugger, profiler, and communication and vector math libraries. These proven tools accelerate and simplify the design and verification of multi-node systems, reducing risk and helping teams stay on schedule.

This integrated package also eliminates the need for you to build your own costly middleware to layer on top of the APIs provided by hardware vendors. Until now, you needed this kind of middleware to protect your system designs from being locked into proprietary software architectures. The OpenHPEC approach eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive software customization, cutting down program risk for demanding Radar, EO/IR and SIGINT applications. 


High-Performance Embedded Computing

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