Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates Two Low-SWaP Rugged Ethernet Solutions at AUSA 2019

rugged ethernet ground military tank
rugged ethernet ground military tank
October 30, 2019

Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates Two Low-SWaP Rugged Ethernet Solutions at AUSA 2019

Mike Southworth, Senior Product Manager at Curtiss-Wright, discusses two low size, weight, power (SWAP) rugged ethernet solutions at #USA 2019. He discusses the features and applications with  military vlogger Tom Varcie at Military Embedded Systems.

Tom Varcie: "Hi, Tom Varcie, Military Embedded Systems, here at AUSA in Washington DC. I am at the Curtiss-Wright booth with Mike Southworth. How are you?"

Mike Southworth: "Doing Great."

Tom Varcie: "Great. So yesterday Military Embedded Systems awarded Curtiss-Wright a Best in Show Award for one of its switches. Mike's gonna tell us about it and another product as well."

Mike Southworth: "Sounds great. So today we're showing a demonstration of our latest rugged ethernet switch product and this is the a former generation ethernet switch that is miniaturized that's very popular right now for government programs that need a low size-weight-power solution. This is also a low size-weight-power solution but it integrates cisco systems technology and also supports power over ethernet so there are very few rugged POE switches on the market today and this is qualified for applications that span the ground vehicles and aerospace marketplace."

"We're showing here on the screen a very simple demonstration of a video feed streaming over a power over ethernet camera. POE of course eliminates power supplies and cables that are traditional for these kinds of devices because a single wire or should I say a single cable, an ethernet cable, can have both data and power over that cable. Again that reduces the size and the weight impact on a vehicle. less cables, less power supplies, easier power distribution. Now because this is Cisco Systems Technology it packs in the best capabilities that the industry leader Cisco provides but Curtiss-Wright has packaged it in such a way that it is now a high-reliability and very rugged solution for military applications."

Tom Varcie: "Right, so you can find out more information on the Curtiss-Wright website which is..."

Mike Southworth: ""

Tom Varcie: "Great, thank you very much Mike."

Mike Southworth: "Thank you."

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