Why Partner with Curtiss-Wright for DO-254 Safety-Certifiable Avionics Systems

February 01, 2018

Why Partner with Curtiss-Wright for DO-254 Safety-Certifiable Avionics Systems

For systems integrators working on programs with stringent requirements, one of the benefits of integrating safety-certifiable airborne electronics hardware (AEH) is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that major component certification requirements have already been addressed. However, to ensure that peace of mind is maintained and the certified system gets to market in the required timeline, it’s critical to partner with a safety-certifiable hardware vendor that understands where and how their efforts fit into the overall process.

System integrators partner with Curtiss-Wright to obtain the safety-certifiable building blocks, certification artifacts, and third-party partnerships needed to jump-start development and get complete, certified avionics systems to market faster. Curtiss-Wright offers the broadest portfolio of safety-certifiable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modules, including single board computers (SBCs), graphics and video, and I/O modules.

Example Safety Cert Systems




The Curtiss-Wright SPIRIT series of safety-certifiable avionics computing and graphics platforms is a key example of the benefits that Curtiss-Wright brings to avionics system integrators. This highly flexible family of plug-and-play safety-certifiable cards and chassis are prequalified to DO-254, DO-178C, DO-160G, and military aerospace MIL-STD-461F/810G standards to enable a wide range of safety-certifiable avionics applications.

Curtiss-Wright also provides access to partners that help system integrators keep certifications on track. These experts have extensive experience in airborne embedded software, airborne electronic hardware, and aircraft systems simulation. As a result, they can help system integrators better understand how to design, verify, and validate safety-critical software to ensure that avionics systems and software are safety-certifiable.

System integrators who partner with Curtiss-Wright can leverage all of the benefits of partnering with a major, global player in the defense and aerospace industries:

•    Decades of experience and expertise developing leading-edge airborne electronic hardware that meets the requirements in key avionics safety standards
•    Technologies that have been proven in numerous deployments of safety-critical systems around the globe
•    The cost reductions due to the economies of scale that become possible when designing and developing large numbers of safety-certifiable avionics electronic hardware offerings

Read our white paper, “Accelerate Time-To-Market With Safety-Certifiable Airborne Electronics Hardware", to learn more about:

•    DO-254, DO-160, and VITA 47 standards
•    The V Life Cycle for requirements, verification, and validation
•    Safety-certifiable COTS offerings