Reap the Benefits of a Two-in-One TDL System

tactical data link

A powerful and easy-to-use two-in-one tactical data link (TDL) system gives militaries a very cost-effective way to improve every aspect of their operations, from pre-mission preparations through post-mission analysis.

Tactical data links

Improve Combat Readiness

Navy personnel can quickly and easily create highly realistic simulations of field scenarios. The simulations can include red and blue forces at sea, in the air, and on the ground to teach and reinforce the tactics that work best in any situation. Simulation scenarios can also be adapted on the fly to train warfighters how to respond to fast-changing and unexpected situations.

These comprehensive and advanced simulation capabilities are a huge contrast to legacy simulation systems that provide a limited number of “canned” scenarios that cannot be created or adapted in an efficient, easy, or cost-effective way. Warfighters quickly master these static, predictable scenarios, and receive almost no training in how to respond to spontaneous threats.

Increase Battlefield Situational Awareness

By training with the same system that is used on the battlefield, warfighters reduce the risk of mistakes. During live engagements, the two-in-one system can be instantly switched from simulation mode to battlefield mode to support mission communications over Link 16 and other TDL types.

Deliver More Effective Debrief Sessions

Post-mission, the ability to playback all the TDL-related actions taken during the mission make debrief sessions far more effective. The playback functions similarly to a video and data recorder, allowing debrief leaders to review the recording in real-time, return to message exchanges multiple times, and fast-forward or rewind to focus on specific messages.

Enrich Mission Rehearsals

In pre-mission briefings, mission leaders can walk warfighters through simulations of the mission profile step by step. They can include the ships, aircraft, and ground platforms warfighters can expect to encounter during the mission, point out targets and threats, and review ingress and egress routes to the target area.

Dramatically Reduce TDL Training Costs

The ability to quickly and easily simulate real-world command and control scenarios using Link 16 and other TDLs in any location, at any time, dramatically reduces training costs compared to field exercises. The high costs associated with launching ships and flying aircraft for training purposes, along with the time and travel costs required to get personnel to dedicated training facilities, are all eliminated.

A two-in-one TDL training and battlefield system can be easily programmed with mission profiles by naval personnel in a few hours. In contrast, a contract to write scripts for the legacy simulation systems being used today could easily require more than a dozen people and anywhere from 100,000 to millions of dollars.

Download our white paper A Single TDL Solution for Training and Battlefield Operations to learn more about changing the paradigm around TDL training and operations with a single, field-proven solution.