Downsize to a Single Mission Display On-Board Aerospace and Defense Vehicles


Downsize to a Single Mission Display On-Board Aerospace and Defense Vehicles

Managing video sources on-board modern aerospace and defense platforms is often cumbersome with each video source requiring a dedicated display. With SWaP-C considerations becoming ever more important on already space constrained platforms and an abundance of video sources such as maps, camera or radar, it’s advantageous to combine multiple video inputs into a stream that can be displayed on a single monitor, thus reducing LRU count, cabling and system complexity.  

Combining multiple video sources into a single stream can be implemented using a computer equipped with multiple video inputs but the act of video windowing, video scaling and overlaying one video on another needs to be supported by software that competes for resources and can be less deterministic. This is not a problem if you have a dedicated high performance workstation but is much less easily achievable in an embedded system or deployed system that has SWaP, performance or determinism constraints. Also, there may not be a computer available to do this combination, or access to the code running on the computer is not accessible; if contractually or technically you cannot modify the computer's configuration (software or hardware). Although adding a computer to do this might be technically possible, this adds another layer of complexity (the OS, code and machine needs to be maintained and kept malware-free). 

There is an easier, more cost effective solution.  

In the white paper Combining Multiple Video Sources onto a Single Screen you’ll learn about  

  • Managing video sources and reducing LRU count
  • The science of scaling video to fit screen size
  • Legacy video sensor support through de-interlacing
  • Combining video sources through clipping, keying and blending
  • A video scaling and video windowing solution that adds powerful video windowing to an existing system with minimal modifications to platform configuration

If you want to know more about video management systems that reduce the complexity, cost and risk of implementation while ensuring maximum flexibility and ease of control – contact us today!