Top 10 Questions Answered About U.S. Army’s VICTORY Initiative


Top 10 Questions Answered About U.S. Army’s VICTORY Initiative

The U.S. Army’s VICTORY (Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability) initiative and the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) envision an open, scalable vetronics system architecture on-board tactical ground vehicles. Legacy C4ISR subsystems have been traditionally "bolted-on", equipped with proprietary, stove-piped communication interfaces, along with with their own GPS and HMI peripheral devices. By contrast, adopting a common network fabric and consolidating modern computing and networking architectures, vehicle operators can improve interoperability and ultimately increases mission effectiveness. 

The white paper "Delivering VICTORY and PNT Hub Services for Tactical Ground Vehicles" provides clarity about VICTORY, Ground Vehicle Architecture and the benefits of deploying an open COTS C4ISR system vehicle architecture. Download the white paper today to get answers to the following top 10 questions: 

  1. What is VICTORY and how will it change ground vehicle modernization practices? 
  2. Why modernize the network architecture on existing platforms if they are working fine, as-is? 
  3. What is the composition of the VICTORY Architecture? 
  4. How can vulnerabilities with existing GPS technology be addressed? 
  5. What role does the U.S. Army play in advancing Assured Position Navigation Timing (PNT)? 
  6. What benefits will VICTORY implementation have for the soldier? 
  7. What is the long term vision of VICTORY, and how will its objectives be met in the short term? 
  8. How will VICTORY benefit a tactical vehicle’s battle command application, for example? 
  9. Are there fielded systems based on the VICTORY architecture?  
  10. What COTS systems are available today to enable VICTORY? 

VICTORY ultimately promises to increase situational awareness and mission effectiveness, while providing useful insights into fleet logistics and maintenance, which will benefit everyone from the system integrator down to the war fighter. Learn more about how VICTORY will change the network architecture and modernization of today’s tactical land vehicles by downloading the white paper today.