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New Performance Breakthrough for VxWorks-based HPEC Systems

Curtiss-Wright introduces a performance breakthrough in design of High Performance Embedded Computing for ISR applications


Paving The Future Of HPEC


Using HPC tools to solve HPEC development challenges

With an overwhelming number of processors being used for High Performance Computing (HPC), a suite of tools is required to manage the system, optimize application code and reliably debug issues.


3 Key Factors to Consider for Optimizing HPEC Systems

Three key factors to consider when optimizing high performance embedded computing (HPEC) systems for defense & military platforms. Discover what they are!


HPEC Teams Need Supercomputing Tools Now


HPEC – Enabling Smarter, Faster ISR

We discuss how High Performance Embedded Computing enables a UAV to run sensors, overlay data and build a comprehensive situation assessment.