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Network Communications

IQ-Core Network Communications Manager (NCM) Helps Overcome Critical Network Operational Requirements in Complex and Contested Environments

Whether employing fixed, deployed, or mobile communications infrastructures, end users can be faced with multiple vendor user interfaces that require extensive training requirements. Learn about reducing configuration errors, set up times, and downtime.

IQ Core

Overcoming Challenges Related to Managing PKI and VPN-Based Systems with IQ-Core Crypto Manager

Tactical networking programs face intense pressure to utilize COTS technologies, including technologies to secure communications over untrusted networks. Read this blog to learn more about solutions for PKI-enabled VPN.


Ensure Mission Success with one TDL System

Train warfighters in effective battlefield tactics with the Curtiss-Wright TCG GTS® Ground Tactical Data Link System. Then use the same system for flexible and affordable tactical data link (TDL) communications on any battlefield.


Reap the Benefits of a Two-in-One TDL System

A powerful and easy-to-use two-in-one tactical data link (TDL) system gives militaries a very cost-effective way to improve every aspect of their operations, from pre-mission preparations through post-mission analysis.


TDL Interoperability and Unified Naval Communications

As navies move towards greater interoperability, challenges arise in ensuring support for an increasing number of TDL standards in use. And, with TDL standards constantly evolving, system integration can increase costs, program risk, and time to...


7 Ways Navies Can Optimize Tactical Data Link System Integration

Integrate fully interoperable TDL systems efficiently and cost-effectively on manned and unmanned naval platforms with TDL solutions built on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems. Curtiss-Wright’s standards-based COTS and Non-Developmental Item...


CESMO: A Common Denominator for Tactical Data Link Systems

Minimizing the time between transmission, detection, position fix, targeting, and sharing data among friendly forces is essential on today's battlefield. Cooperative Electronic Support Measure Operations (CESMO) data gives NATO coalition forces this...


Infographic: Why Developing Link 16 Solutions Requires TCG BOSS

Download the infographic to learn the 5 ways TCG BOSS® can help in the development of Link 16 solutions.


Curtiss-Wright’s New Award-Winning Hub and Network Translator at AUSA 2019

Brian Blass, program manager US Army & Special Forces at Curtiss-Wright, details the new TCG HUNTR hub, network translator at AUSA 2019.


Resolving the Issues With Legacy Tactical Data Link Gateways

Download the infographic to learn about the five fundamental elements that are needed to simplify tactical data link (TDL) translation.


Revolutionizing SIGINT with Automated Machine Learning

Operating in the electromagnetic spectrum keeps getting more demanding. The prevalence of interfering transmitters is growing rapidly. How can this be automated?