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High-Performance Electronic Warfare Platform in a Small Form Factor Package

Jacob Sealander discusses a 3U VPX high performance electronic warfare rugged electronic system and it's ability to face the vibration, head and dust demands for military applications.


Achieving Qualification for Rugged Military Environments

Jacob Sealander discusses the EMI/EMC requirements, thermal management and durability of electronics for aerospace and defense applications.


The CNS4: Scalable, Raw Data Storage for the Field

Matt Young considers the demands of manned and unmanned aerial, marine and land vehicles for military applications on their need for cryptography of data-at-rest.


The Importance of Engineering for System Integration

Paul Garnett discusses considerations needed to adapt rugged mission computers to program-specific defense and aerospace applications.


Should Rugged Defense Electronics Patiently Wait in Line?

In this blog, we discuss the quality and reliability demands on rugged electronics used in defense programs.


Deploy Faster With 3U VPX Solutions

Jacob Sealander describes how 3U VPX COTS processing systems or line replaceable units can meet the demands for size, weight, power and cost optimized needs for aerospace and defense programs.


One Crash Recorder to Rule Them All

Crash survivable flight data recorders help accident investigators discover the cause of an incident, but they can do much more.


Modified COTS for Mission Computers

In this blog we discuss the leveraging of COTS technology based on programmatic requirements through the use of Modified COTS.


Time for a Space "Perry Memo"

Back in 1994, a famous memo was issued by William Perry, at the time the U.S. Secretary of Defense. This memo became known as the ‘Perry memo’ and it directed the department of defense to use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products where possible rather than custom built solutions.


Mission Displays in Demanding Environments

Discussion on civil and military applications where the video is a core component of the mission success.


The Importance of Expansion and Scalability of Mission Computers

Jacob Sealander discusses how the modular design of Curtiss-Wright mission computers enables rapid expansion and scalability for integrating additional processing capabilities and payload-specific I/O interfaces for avionics, vetronics, and other...


Application Specific Recorder Systems for Defense & Aerospace Applications

Paul Davis and Matt Young discuss today's sensor-rich applications in defense and aerospace applications that have unique requirements and how to apply those needs to COTS solutions for a application-specific data recording system.