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Time to Move to 25-Hour Cockpit Voice Recorders

Time to Move to 25-Hour Cockpit Voice Recorders

Today, in the U.S., cockpit voice recorders (CVR) used on commercial aircraft are only required to capture and store two hours of audio information. After two hours, the most recent information is lost when the CVR, due its limited storage capacity, records over the previous cockpit conversations.

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Data at Rest Build vs. Buy: Lead Time

Should you build or buy network attached storage or network file servers for data at rest? We look at the build process from design to CSfC encryption and buy lead times.

Data at Rest on Military helicopter

Data at Rest and NVMe Memory

We look at solid-state memory types for data at rest (DAR) in deployed military applications including solid-state memory devices: SATA and NVMe.


New SOSA Aligned Solutions Deliver Long-Term Benefits

SOSA solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Position, Navigation and Timing.

Technology Readiness level Ground vehicle

Data-at-Rest Build vs. Buy: Technology Readiness Levels

Learn more about the importance of the Technology Readiness Level number when selecting a Network Attached Storage device.

Data at Rest UAV

Data at Rest Build vs. Buy: Flexibility

Find out why the flexibility of a network-attached storage device matters when choosing to build or buy a subsystem.

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First in Flight, First in Two Layer Commercial Encryption

The DTS1 is the first Network Attached Storage device that includes two layers of certified and approved CSfC encryption.

Network attached storage ITAR

Data-at-Rest Build vs. Buy: Why Export Matters

We take a closer look at why export matters for Network Attached Storage, Data at Rest and encryption influence on ITAR designation.