Patch Barracks Tech Expo


Patch Barracks Tech Expo

July 25, 2024
Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany

Hosted by the 52nd Strategic Signal Battalion, the Patch Barracks Tech Expo connects government and industry to collaborate on mission requirements and technology solutions. Held at the Swabian Special Event Center, the event is open and free to all Patch Barracks personnel. 

Curtiss-Wright will showcase our tactical communications solutions for battlefield network management including commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based rugged, small form factor communications systems, and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) solutions.

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Advanced Tactical Communications Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

Combining modular networking equipment and our PacStar® IQ-Core® Software for unified network communications management, our tactical communications solutions enable enhanced warfighter situational awareness. 

Securing Communications at the Tactical Edge Using Hardware Security Modules

Learn more about Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), the foundational security technologies they build upon, and why their use is critical for today's secure networks in the datacenter and at the tactical edge.