Webinar - The Latest Enabling Technologies for Electronic Warfare (EW)


Webinar - The Latest Enabling Technologies for Electronic Warfare (EW)

April 30, 2024

Military & Aerospace Electronics, Wind River StarLab, SRC, and Curtiss-Wright panelists discuss the latest enabling technologies for electronic warfare (EW). The panel discussion focuses on the most important EW technologies needed from suppliers of prime contractors, high-performance embedded computing technologies for EW, and the latest cyber security innovations for EW. Also included in the discussion is the future potential of quantum computing and quantum communications technologies that could influence EW systems design.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Defense and Aerospace Applications

With its long history as the trusted, proven leader in defense and aerospace, extensive range of cutting-edge solutions, and strong commitment to machine learning and AI application development, Curtiss-Wright is the ideal partner for anyone looking to take machine learning and AI applications to higher altitudes, smaller spaces, and harsher environments.