Webinar - Trusted Computing and Security Within the SOSA Technical Standard

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Webinar - Trusted Computing and Security Within the SOSA Technical Standard

September 14, 2023

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The Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) Technical Standard is known for enabling interoperability and commonality within military sensor and mission-computer applications, but a critical part of SOSA not often discussed is how it provides for security in SOSA aligned – and eventually SOSA conformant – solutions. Providing a trusted and secure solution is a requirement for every military system; the SOSA Consortium has taken this into consideration with development of the SOSA Technical Standard. 

The SOSA Technical Standard defines higher levels of interoperability and more efficient leverage of the latest commercially developed technology for greater mission effectiveness than ever before. Deliberate or accidental security vulnerabilities can leave these systems exposed to malicious actors. Join us on this panel discussion of industry experts as we see how SOSA and the aerospace and defense industry are not only leveraging the capabilities of the latest technology for performance but also for its advanced security features and how they may be leveraged for program protection.

Join us September 14 at 2:00 p.m. ET for the free webinar.


Enable Secure Sensor Processing with Open Architectures

All systems, whether deployed on manned or unmanned platforms, must now adhere to the DoD's mandate for a modular open systems approach. The good news for ISR system designers is that the Open Group's SOSA™ Consortium has defined the many aspects of trusted computing for sensor systems. The Sensor Open System Architecture™ Technical Standard combines MOSA principles with security to enable secure sensor systems' rapid and low-risk deployment on defense and aerospace platforms.

Our MOSA to Program Protection

Our trusted commercial-off-the-shelf (TrustedCOTS™) and enhanced TrustedCOTS (eTCOTS) portfolio of embedded security products and capabilities are aligned to give you the flexibility, control, and options you need to build in the right level of assurance into your program.