Curtiss-Wright Introduces Industry’s First MIDS JTRS Terminal Housing and Control Case to Add Support for the TNTT Waveform

Tactical data Link
Tactical data Link
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April 25, 2023

Curtiss-Wright Introduces Industry’s First MIDS JTRS Terminal Housing and Control Case to Add Support for the TNTT Waveform

New TCG MIDS JTRS Terminal Housing and Control Case now provides a cost-effective, mobile, rugged solution for deploying the TNTT waveform

ASHBURN, Va. – April 25, 2023 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted, proven supplier of tactical data link (TDL) software and hardware solutions, has expanded the capability of its proven TCG MIDS JTRS Terminal Housing and Control Case solution to add support for the Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT) tactical waveform. The addition of TTNT capability to the enhanced terminal housing case (THC) provides users with greater operational network functionality, flexibility, and performance. TTNT is a secure, low latency waveform that provides mesh networking in the battlefield. For customers that require a low cost and low size, weight, and power (SWaP) THC solution, Curtiss-Wright’s TCG MIDS JTRS THC is the industry’s first proven THC and Control Case to support MIDS JTRS, MIDS LVT1, and TTNT.

The rugged TCG MIDS JTRS THC provides a compact, mobile solution for TDL communication requirements. When combined with customer-provided terminals, the TCG MIDS JTRS THC provides a complete and readily available solution for deploying Link 16, TTNT, ADS-B, and AIS. The unit supports an optional computer with slide-out dual screen, UPS units, power amplifiers, voice modules, and antennas. The THC’s control module includes both local and remote configuration and provides control of all integrated devices. Even better, all power supplies, cable sets, and control modules are included, eliminating the need to purchase separate items. TCG MIDS JTRS THC is ideal for use in shipboard deployments, DoD Labs, Command and Control centers, Joint Defense operations centers, and Joint Defense Test Centers applications.

When upgraded with the addition of Curtiss-Wright’s TCG Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS®) or TCG Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS®) software, the TCG Terminal Housing Case for MIDS JTRS, MIDS LVT, and TTNT provides the warfighter with a fully operational TDL situational awareness and command/control asset. Multiple THCs can be affordably placed wherever needed across the battlefield – for example, on ramps or in laboratory environments – to deploy a complete TDL communications solution.

About TCG LinkPRO

Curtiss-Wright’s TCG LinkPRO Tactical Data Link Processing Software is a standards-based, high fidelity, software-only, multi-link, TDL processing engine that improves tactical communications, reduces the time, risk, and expense of TDL integration, alleviates interoperability issues, and lowers lifecycle maintenance costs for military and prime contractors worldwide.


Curtiss-Wright’s TCG GTS is an affordable, interoperable, and combat-proven battlefield TDL system with comprehensive situational awareness (SA), command and control (C2), and non-command and control (non-C2) data link capabilities. TCG GTS is a suite of products that support multiple TDLs and communication protocols, including Link 16, Link 22, Link 11, VMF, SADL, JREAP-A, JREAP-C, SIMPLE, ADS-B, AIS, and DIS. TCG GTS is available in multiple cost-effective configurations to allow for use in fixed and mobile command centers deployed operations down-range or other specific military use cases. DOD-accredited, TCG GTS has full authority to operate when connected to the SIPRNET and is on the Air Force Approved Product List. TCG GTS can be the net time reference (NTR) and includes the ability to produce a training scenario with virtual assets, C2 functions, and friendly, hostile, and neutral participants. The simulation over-live capability provides active units with high fidelity, low-cost training system.


Curtiss-Wright’s TCG BOSS TDL testing and platform integration solution allows military end-users and prime contractors to verify that the TDL implementations being delivered on aircraft, ships, and other military platforms conform to Link 16, Link 22, Link 11, VMF, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, DIS, and related TDL standards and interface definitions. TCG BOSS is the worldwide standard for Link 16 testing. It is a powerful TDL network simulator and exerciser capable of creating a complete and highly realistic test environment, including virtual command and control (C2) assets, network-enabled >weapons, targets, threats, and simulated network participants. The TCG Terminal Housing Case for MIDS JTRS, MIDS-LVT, and TTNT product sheet is available for download here.

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About Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE:CW) is a global integrated business that provides highly engineered products, solutions and services mainly to Aerospace & Defense markets, as well as critical technologies in demanding Commercial Power, Process and Industrial markets. We leverage a workforce of 8,100 highly skilled employees who develop, design and build what we believe are the best engineered solutions to the markets we serve. Building on the heritage of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, Curtiss-Wright, headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina, has a long tradition of providing innovative solutions through trusted customer relationships.  For more information, visit


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