Next-Generation Rugged 10.4" LCD Touchscreen Mission Display Debuted by Curtiss-Wright

Next-Generation Rugged 10.4" LCD Touchscreen Mission Display Debuted by Curtiss-Wright
Next-Generation Rugged 10.4" LCD Touchscreen Mission Display Debuted by Curtiss-Wright
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March 03, 2015

Next-Generation Rugged 10.4" LCD Touchscreen Mission Display Debuted by Curtiss-Wright

New 10.4" AVDU2600 brings advanced features - multiple video inputs, quad-screen views, and dual backlighting for excellent NVG operation - to small LCD display

HELI-EXPO 2015 (Booth# 5466) - Orlando, Fla. - March 3, 2015 - Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that its Defense Solutions division has introduced its next-generation rugged 10.4"LCD mission display, further expanding its industry-leading full range of mission displays. The AVDU2600 uniquely brings advanced high-performance features typically associated with larger mission displays to the compact, lightweight 10.4" size and form factor. A complete redesign of its popular legacy 10.4" product, Curtiss-Wright's new display supports multiple video inputs, windowing, and sunlit and NVIS operation by default. The robust and reliable LCD mission display speeds and simplifies the integration of compact, lightweight video displays into ground vehicles and rotor- and fixed-wing mission systems. Featuring optical bonding for the highest video quality, this display is specially designed for high reliability and optimal performance under harsh conditions. Its sophisticated control and video handling capabilities include user-configurable touchscreen controls. It delivers the very high brightness and exceptional contrast required to ensure display legibility across the widest range of lighting conditions. Its built-in support for night vision goggle (NVG) viewing includes dual-LED backlighting for optimum readability in every environment. This next-generation display is designed for use by observers and pilots/co-pilots in the airborne, ground vehicle, and naval platforms. 

"We've taken our highly popular 10.4" mission display and re-engineered it from the ground up to greatly enhance its reliability and feature set," said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. "No other 10.4"mission display on the market today provides the powerful combination of video inputs, optical quality, touchscreen flexibility, ruggedness, and integration offered by our upgraded AVDU2600. The result is an optimal solution for bringing high-performance rugged LCD displays to the ground vehicle and airborne system integrators around the world."

The AVDU 2600 features a 4:3 aspect ratio and 1024 x 768-pixel resolution. It provides flexibly defined controls that enable operators to efficiently manage video recorders and video switches without having to divert their eyes from the display. The display supports multiple video inputs which are all controllable both via hard buttons located on the bezel and by configurable soft buttons on the touchscreen. Using an AVDU2600, the operator can easily and quickly build multi-view images from multiple video inputs. Video input support includes RGB, CVBS, and HD-SDI. Other advanced features include full support for video windowing (including the quad display and picture-in-picture). 

A white paper, "Characteristics of Quality Mission Displays," that addresses some of the key technical and functional elements of Curtiss-Wright's family of mission displays is available for download. 

The new display joins the Curtiss-Wright's earlier announced 12.1" AVDU3000, 14.1"AVDU3600, and 17.3"AVDU4300 and 21.5"AVDU5500 rugged touchscreen products. These displays are designed to meet the unique demands of airborne defense, aerospace, and law enforcement applications, such as surveillance, patrol, and search & rescue, and are suitable for use on ground vehicles, rotor-wing, and fixed-wing aircraft as well as fast boat and tactical ground vehicle platforms.

Ideal for Air, Land, and Sea

Curtiss-Wright's high-resolution rugged displays are designed to maximize mission effectiveness by enabling operators to select one or more video streams for simultaneous display from multiple input sensors. They are designed to increase mission effectiveness on airborne platforms such as rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as other platforms that must provide rugged HD touchscreen video display functionality in harsh environments, such as ground vehicles and naval platforms. The displays are easily configured to an application's specific needs with simple software configuration to define mission-specific on-screen controls. In addition, each member of this new generation of displays is fully environmentally qualified, reducing the risk to system integrators of failure during commissioning or operation.

The AVDU2600 can easily be integrated with other AVDU products for multi-display configurations or with members of Curtiss-Wright's family of Video Management System solutions, including VDSU switches, PANL controllers, VRDV digital recorders, and VRD1 video switching and recording products. For an overview of the Curtiss-Wright VMS solution featuring our advanced rugged displays, please download our white paper, "The Benefits of Integrated Video Management."

Watch the video demonstration of how Curtiss-Wright's integrated VMS solution is deployed on the London Metropolitan Police force's helicopter fleet.

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