Curtiss-Wright Enhances its FTI Software Suite with added Features to Speed up and Simplify System Configuration

Curtiss-Wright Enhances its Flight Test Instrumentation Software Suite with added Features to Speed up and Simplify System Configuration
Curtiss-Wright Enhances its Flight Test Instrumentation Software Suite with added Features to Speed up and Simplify System Configuration
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August 10, 2016

Curtiss-Wright Enhances its FTI Software Suite with added Features to Speed up and Simplify System Configuration

DAS Studio 3.4 software adds “smart placement” and video support for IRIG-106 chapter 4 PCM to speed and simplify configuration of FTI systems

ASHBURN, Va. – August 10, 2016 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division has announced enhancements to its DAS Studio configuration software for small and large-scale flight test instrumentation (FTI) systems such as its Acra KAM-500 data acquisition system (DAU). The newly updated DAS Studio 3.4 software suite simplifies and speeds the process of setting up data acquisition for complex FTI, space data handling, and aircraft usage monitoring applications. The software, which provides a single solution for intuitively configuring DAUs, recorders, switches, and ground-station equipment, now also features support for powerful “Smart Placement” of parameters for Inter-Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG)-106 Chapter 4 PCM. This smart placement mode allows DAS Studio 3 to automatically place parameters in the optimum location within the frame to save time.

The software’s unique new features also include video support for IRIG-106 Chapter 4 PCM. DAS Studio 3.4 also now includes several new applications including:  

•    TimeSeeder: Sets the time in modules with clocks
•    Transmission Assistant: Used to build frames for transmission
•    PCM Discrete Parameter Builder: Saves bandwidth by holding sections of several other parameters
•    Power Calculator: Shows a breakdown of power usage in a chassis
•    Serial Number Synchronizer: Verifies and updates the configuration's serial numbers from the hardware

“We are excited to announce the latest version of our powerful and intuitive DAS Studio software for FTI system configuration,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “This innovative software suite speeds and eases the otherwise complex and time-consuming task of configuring large-scale FTI systems. Its built-in flexibility and rich feature save flight test engineers time and money.”

About DAS Studio 3.4

Curtiss-Wright’s DAS Studio 3.4 software is a single solution for the configuration of FTI systems. It enables flight test engineers to rapidly and easily set up DAUs, network switches, recorders, and ground stations in a fully integrated environment. DAS Studio 3.4 is optimized for multi-core platforms with multi-threaded architecture and parallel processing. System validation and programming are performed in minutes or even seconds. The software’s user interface is simple and easy to learn with data-rich tables and a consistent look that cuts through the complexity of configuring a data acquisition system.

Using integrated tools such as Discover, Status, Verify and Program, DAS Studio 3.4 intuitively leads flight test engineers through the configuration process. The software enables any configuration errors to be detected early in the configuration process and displayed clearly. It includes automated tools and wizards that enable users to quickly and easily perform otherwise time-consuming tasks such as hardware discovery, frame building, bridge balancing, and pre-flight checks. DAS Studio 3.4 also provides integrated tools for validation, status, programming, and Quicklook.

DAS Studio 3.4 can be used with Curtiss-Wright’s broad range of FTI products including the Acra KAM-500 DAU, network recorders, multi-role recorders, and our family of ground-station products. It can also be used with a wide range of products from other vendors as it supports the open XidML metadata standard.

About the Acra KAM-500

The Acra KAM-500 is a compact, low-power, modular DAU that has been developed through decades of experience and continued investment in R&D. Driven by hardwired finite state machines, the DAU is extremely reliable, and its small size makes it ideal for installing in locations that have limited space. The Acra KAM-500 has passed rigorous environmental testing ensuring it is fully qualified for aerospace applications, enabling rugged flight data acquisition in the harshest of environments.


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