Curtiss-Wright Introduces Industry’s First NIST-Certified Encryption Device for ARTM Telemetry Applications

Curtiss-Wright Introduces Industry’s First NIST-Certified Encryption Device for ARTM Telemetry Applications
New MESP-100-2 module set provides two channels of unattended commercial grade AES-256 encryption for use in telemetry test programs worldwide

ASHBURN, Va. – April 23, 2020 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, today announced that it's Aerospace Instrumentation (AI) group, a trusted leading supplier of flight test instrumentation (FTI) hardware and software, has introduced the industry’s first National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-certified encryption solution for protecting streaming telemetry data originating from modern Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM) transmitters. The new MESP-100-2 Encryption Support Package is a three-module set that provides a PCM encoder interface, ARTM transmitter interface, and an optional cryptographic Key Management software package. The module set is ideal for use in missile telemetry and test, flight test, and aircraft monitoring applications.

“Our new MESP-100-2 is a game-changer for customers looking for a modern SWaP-optimized alternative to attended encryption of sensitive telemetry test data-in-motion,” Lynn Bamford, President, Defense, and Power. “We are excited to bring to market the first solution for protecting streaming ARTM data that uses NIST-approved commercial encryption to speed the development and deployment of telemetry programs around the world.”

Fully exportable under U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) encryption regulations,  this encryption solution, available both as a standalone unit or fully integrated into a Curtiss-Wright miniature encoder stack, supports exportable AES-256 encryption and is designed to be operationally compatible with and function as a drop-in replacement for a U.S. government standard-issue device. The MESP-100-2’s use of a NIST-approved encryption device based on a commercial variant of AES-256 eliminates the need for the U.S. attended security personnel when used in Foreign Military Sales (FMS) applications. At nearly ¼ the size of the U.S. standard device, this highly integrated solution adds modern features while significantly reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements. When integrated with Curtiss-Wright data acquisition unit (DAU) hardware, the MESP-100-2 reduces design risk and further reduces SWaP by eliminating redundant cabling and power supplies.

About the MESP-100-2

Designed to be fully backward compatible with PCM encoders and ARTM transmitters, the MESP-100-2 provides a PCM clock and data electrical interface, a key fill interface, data isolation, and three-ampere power isolation for separation between the encoder and a digital telemetry transmitter or recorder. The fully rugged module set has undergone full flight test environment qualification.

MESP-100-2 Performance Features

  • AES-256 data encryption and decryption
  • Protects two channels of streaming telemetry data
  • Customized for ARTM transmitters
  • 100 kbps to 20 Mbps data rates
  • Sealed for environmental capability
  • Key management software and key load cabling are available

The Total FTI System Solution Source

For decades, Curtiss-Wright has been a trusted proven leader in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) FTI products, including data acquisition units (DAU), switches, cameras, recorders, transmitters, and ground station systems. Curtiss-Wright’s modular product approach, combined with its ability to customize offerings where required, enables the rapid delivery of complete system solutions. It also ensures that systems can be quickly modified as test programs evolve. By providing total system solutions, Curtiss-Wright helps eliminate integration issues and reduces design risk so that customers can meet their unique program requirements on schedule and on budget.


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