Curtiss-Wright Launches OpenHPEC Initiative to Bring Supercomputing Software Tools to Embedded COTS Systems

Curtiss-Wright Launches New OpenHPEC Initiative to Bring Supercomputing Software Tools to Embedded COTS Systems
Curtiss-Wright Launches New OpenHPEC Initiative to Bring Supercomputing Software Tools to Embedded COTS Systems
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September 15, 2015

Curtiss-Wright Launches OpenHPEC Initiative to Bring Supercomputing Software Tools to Embedded COTS Systems

OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite software tools are first to bring proven, robust development tools from the commercial HPC market to rugged aerospace & defense market

HPEC '15 – WALTHAM, Mass. – September 15-17, 2015 – Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that its Defense Solutions division has launched its new OpenHPEC Initiative to bring, for the first time, proven and robust development tools from the Commercial HPC market to COTS system integrators designing highly scalable supercomputer-class High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) system solutions for Aerospace & Defense applications. The OpenHPEC initiative will provide HPEC system integrators with access to best-of-class open architecture APIs and tools - including a cluster manager, debugger, profiler, and communication and vector math libraries - to ease and improve the design and verification of multi-node systems while greatly improving their time-to-deployment. 

OpenHPEC eliminates the need for COTS system integrators to develop their own costly middleware to layer on top of APIs provided by hardware vendors. Until now, this middleware was needed by system integrators to protect their system designs from being locked into proprietary software architectures. The OpenHPEC approach eliminates the need for this time-consuming and expensive software customization, greatly reducing program risk for demanding Radar, SIGINT and EW applications, by leveraging proven software development tools.

Under the new initiative, and in collaboration with leading HPC software suppliers, including Allinea Software and Bright Computing, Curtiss-Wright is also introducing its new OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite™ of best-in-class software development tools. These additions speed, simplify and lower the cost of developing HPEC systems through the use of non-proprietary open standard-based software. System designers building HPEC systems with Curtiss-Wright’s industry-leading 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Fabric40™ COTS modules and backplanes can now use OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite software to optimize the development of their HPEC solutions.

"With our new OpenHPEC initiative we have launched the next big leap in rugged COTS-based HPEC system development," said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. "Working with best-in-class software partners such as Allinea Software and Bright Computing, we are leading the COTS market in bringing the same open architecture approach to HPEC software that we’ve already addressed on the hardware front, to eliminate the need for costly middleware development, greatly reduce program risk and speed time to deployment."

About Curtiss-Wright’s OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite:

The OpenHPEC approach effectively removes the risk from developing large scale embedded computer clusters. To bring the benefits of open standard HPC software to the COTS market, Curtiss-Wright has introduced the OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite. This software development toolset is designed to include a broad and comprehensive array of open standard drivers, middleware and libraries, as well as proven solutions for cluster-wide debugging tools, performance profiling, performance reports, data flow performance analysis, and built-in-test tools, all of which have already been developed and qualified for commercial HPC use.

The first elements of the continually expanding OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite toolset to be announced are Allinea Software’s debugging and profiling tools, DDT and MAP, Allinea Performance Reports, and Bright Computing’s Cluster Manager. Additional software tool elements will be announced on a regular basis in the near future.

OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite Features:

  • Allinea Software
    • Allinea DDT
      • An intuitive, powerful, scalable software debugger
    • Allinea MAP
      • Scalable, low-overhead source-code profiler for threaded and parallel applications 
    • Allinea Performance Reports
      • Application analyzer and tuner
  • Bright Computing 
    • Bright Cluster Manager for HPC
      • "Single-pane-of-glass" management for HPC hardware, operating system, HPC software, and users


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