Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar Business Selected to Deliver Enhanced CDN Ruggedized, Small Form Factor WAN Modules to U.S. Marine Corps

Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar Business Selected to Deliver Enhanced CDN Ruggedized, Small Form Factor WAN Modules to U.S. Marine Corps
Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar Business Selected to Deliver Enhanced CDN Ruggedized, Small Form Factor WAN Modules to U.S. Marine Corps
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December 08, 2020

Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar Business Selected to Deliver Enhanced CDN Ruggedized, Small Form Factor WAN Modules to U.S. Marine Corps

PacStar's small, lightweight modules are able to meet warfighters’ advanced network communications requirements in diverse tactical settings


ASHBURN, Va. -- December 8, 2020 -- Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that its recently acquired business, PacStar®, a leading developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), has been awarded a $25 million contract to upgrade a portion of the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Data Network (CDN). By delivering a ruggedized, small form factor solution, PacStar will enable the U.S. Marine Corps to extend the benefits of advanced network communications to tactical environments.

The CDN provides the commander with an integrated tactical data network and consists of an assortment of networking equipment integrated into tactical transit cases. PacStar’s small form factor communications modules – including routing, switching, advanced network services, and more – are designed to maximize capabilities and configuration flexibility, with the best size, weight, and power (SWaP) available.

PacStar’s rugged, lightweight modules make it easier for the warfighter to communicate securely in austere environments, in a variety of applications, and in any unit structure. By upgrading end-of-life legacy 19-inch rack-mounted routers, switches, and servers to PacStar small form factor modules, the Marine Corps can reduce SWaP, improving mobility and speed of deployment while improving transmission rates and data access.

“We are honored that the U.S. Marine Corps has chosen PacStar equipment to upgrade their CDN,” said Lynn Bamford, President, Defense, and Power Segments, Curtiss-Wright Corporation. “We are always proud to support the Marine Corps in their essential communications endeavors.”

“As the industry leader in SWaP, we are thrilled to expand our relationship with the Marine Corps by supporting warfighters with small-form-factor WAN modules optimized for tactical environments,” said Peggy J. Miller, Senior General Manager, PacStar.


About PacStar’s Family of Leading Battlefield Solutions

PacStar’s industry-leading family of advanced communications solutions addresses a wide range of military, intelligence and commercial applications. PacStar created and manufactures COTS-based rugged, small form factor expeditionary and mobile communications systems. Separately, it developed integrated, network communications management software, IQ-Core Software, for the military, federal, state/local government, and emergency responder markets. The company’s patented IQ-Core software, hardware technology, and integrated solutions provide secure, command, control, and communications systems, particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s communications systems are ideally suited for commercial/industrial organizations with mission-critical field communications requirements.

About Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Curtiss-Wright Corporation is a global innovative company that delivers highly engineered, critical function products and services to the commercial, industrial, defense and energy markets. Building on the heritage of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, Curtiss-Wright has a long tradition of providing reliable solutions through trusted customer relationships. The company is headquartered in Davidson, N.C., and employs approximately 8,300 people worldwide. For more information, visit

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