Curtiss-Wright Introduces Dedicated Post-Flight Test Analysis Tool to Speed, Simplify, and Reduce the Cost of Report Creation

Curtiss-Wright Introduces Dedicated Post-Flight Test Analysis Tool to Speed, Simplify, and Reduce the Cost of Report Creation
New IADS Post-Test Explorer tools eliminates the need for purpose-built data query, analysis, and visualization software for flight test programs


ITC 2021, Las Vegas, Nevada – October 25, 2021 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a leading supplier of flight test instrumentation (FTI) hardware and software engineered for success, today introduced IADS Post-Test Explorer, the industry’s first unified data search, analytics, and visualization platform. Until now, post-test analysis for flight test has typically been addressed on a project-by-project basis, using costly custom-based tools. As new projects commence, the previously built tools are often discarded, and a new post-test system is created from scratch.  IADS Post-Test Explorer delivers an off-the-shelf solution that seamlessly combines the most common features of post-test tools – data search, data analysis, and test result report generation – into a single framework. This unique collaborative tool integrates a core library of standard analysis routines and plotting capabilities while simultaneously enabling users to create custom routines and plots. IADS Post-Test Explorer is useful to engineers across multiple flight test disciplines and enables reuse in a wide range of flight test programs.

“We are excited to introduce the first post-test tool dedicated to the specific needs of the flight test community,” said Chris Wiltsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. “The new software is a perfect example of how Curtiss-Wright is committed to providing the flight test industry with total system solutions, from acquiring the data to delivering the final reports.”

About IADS Post Test Explorer

Post-Test Explorer is simple to use. It allows the user to enter natural language search queries to find data of interest, and queries can be written as normal sentences rather than having to follow precise syntax. The built-in search engine can locate items of interest in existing IADS data recordings, enabling end-users to leverage existing IADS data from past flight tests. In addition to its extensive library of analysis functions, Post-Test Explorer also features a built-in Python development environment that enables users to easily and quickly write their own plug-in analysis functions when custom analysis is required. The tool also simplifies the creation of plots and charts for use in data analysis reports.

Key Performance Features:

  • Searches across multiple flights for data conditions or test events
  • Visualizes results in a graphical format
  • Performs analysis using the built-in Python library
  • Produces quality plots for reports

About IADS

IADS is the premier real-time display and post-test analysis product for flight test, used by every major test program in the US and in many other countries worldwide. The IADS software easily scales from processing large multi-discipline test rooms to single-user systems in multiple test environments. It allows flight test engineers to monitor, in real-time, huge amounts of data collected from an aircraft during a flight test program. This data is used to help validate the successful completion of test points and for safety. IADS also enables detailed analysis of the data to be performed post-test. With support for user-customizable data display, IADS significantly improves flight test efficiencies and helps to speed program completion.

The Total FTI System Solution Source

The tighter integration of IADS into Curtiss-Wright’s extensive product range further enhances the company’s position as the number one supplier in the FTI industry. For decades, Curtiss-Wright has been a trusted, proven leader in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) FTI products, including data acquisition units (DAU), switches, cameras, recorders, transmitters, and ground station systems. Curtiss-Wright’s modular product approach, combined with its ability to customize offerings where required, enables the rapid delivery of complete system solutions. It also ensures that systems can be quickly modified as test programs evolve. By providing total system solutions, Curtiss-Wright helps eliminate integration issues and reduces design risk so that customers can meet their unique program requirements on schedule and on budget.


About Curtiss-Wright Corporation

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