Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Engineers Honored as Curtiss-Wright Technical Fellows

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Engineers Honored as Curtiss-Wright Technical Fellows
Three members of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions engineering team recognized for excellence under Curtiss-Wright Corporation Technical Fellow Program


ASHBURN, Va. – February 7, 2022 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division announced today that three members of its industry-leading engineering staff were among the group of engineers recently named Curtiss-Wright Technical Fellows in recognition by Curtiss-Wright Corporation for their commitment to technical excellence. Recipients of Technical Fellow Program honors are selected for exhibiting the pinnacle of engineering capability and expertise in their field of study. In a recent announcement by Lynn Bamford, President & CEO, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, the following Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions engineers were named Technical Fellows:

  • Sridhar Kanamaluru, Chief Architect, an expert in flight test instrumentation and the shift to distributed architectures and edge computing. Mr. Kanamaluru is a subject matter expert (SME) in RF, Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, Antenna, and Radar technology as well as the wider flight test instrumentation (FTI) field.
  • Frank Newark, Director of Engineering, an expert in software development and tactical data links (TDL). Mr. Newark is recognized as an SME within the organization and within the TDL community through participation in various TDL projects and events.
  • Dominic Perez, CTO/VP of Systems Engineering, an expert in network communications, servers, and virtualization. Mr. Perez is the Company’s preeminent expert on servers and virtualization, as well as an SME in data encryption and tactical battlefield network and computing hardware and IQ-Core Software.

“We are so very proud to congratulate these three standout members of the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions engineering team,” said Chris Wiltsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. “In a Company whose legacy is synonymous with innovation and technical leadership, these individuals are instrumental in meeting today’s most daunting engineering challenges while guiding Curtiss-Wright into the future.”

Curtiss-Wright Technical Fellow Criteria

In addition to adding the designation “Technical Fellow” to their professional signature, recipients of the Technical Fellow honor also receive appropriate training funds to support their ongoing professional development. The rigorous criteria applied by the Technical Fellow Program demands that recipients of the honor reflect the following principles:

  • A high degree of originality and skill as a specialized technical authority within their field of study
  • The ability to champion projects of significant importance to the Corporation, including performing technically complicated and sophisticated research and analysis
  • The ability to act as a corporate technical advisor and recommend technical strategies where appropriate to high-level business decisions
  • Facilitation of direct and noticeable impacts on current and future revenue generation
  • The ability to completely and effectively represent Curtiss-Wright with standards bodies, industry associations, customers, and prospective customers
  • A proven track record of making responsible technical decisions


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