Curtiss-Wright Displays and Demonstrates New FTI Hardware and Software Solutions at ITC 2021

Curtiss-Wright Displays and Demonstrates New Flight Test Instrumentation Hardware and Software Solutions at International Telemetering Conference 2021

International Telemetering Conference (ITC), Bally's Hotel & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada (Booth #913) – October 25, 2021 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a leading supplier of flight test instrumentation (FTI) solutions engineered for success, will highlight its industry-leading system-level flight test instrumentation (FTI) hardware and software solutions in their booth (#913) during the 2021 International Telemetering Conference (ITC), October 25-28, 2021, at Bally's Hotel & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Curtiss-Wright will showcase its newest FTI solutions, including TmNS compatible bi-directional RF communication and PCM backfill, a new compact and modular all-in-one telepack, and IADS post-test explorer, a purpose-built post-test reporting software.

“Curtiss-Wright is committed to supplying best-in-class fully integrated system solutions for demanding flight test programs,” said Chris Wiltsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. “Our fully integrated system approach speeds simplifies and lowers the cost of designing and deploying flight test instrumentation solutions, enabling customers to acquire a complete, proven and future proof system solution from a single supplier.”

Live in-booth demonstrations will feature a wide range of Curtiss-Wright’s advanced FTI technologies:

FTI System-level Demos

  • Bi-directional RF communication telemetry system demo
    • This demonstration will feature bi-directional RF communication, dynamic spectrum sharing, automated ground radio handoffs, PCM backfills, and QoS data prioritization
    • Curtiss-Wright FTI products in this demo include:
      • nXCVR-3140A-2 airborne wireless C-band network transceiver
      • NSW-12GT-1 rugged 12-port ethernet switch
      • nREC-4000S3 airborne network flight recorder
      • MnACQ-2600 miniature network data acquisition and encoding unit
      • TTS-9800-2 airborne multi-band multimode transmitter
      • IADS real-time display and post-test analysis system
  • Compact “all-in-one” telemeter link demonstration
    • PCM Encoder, signal conditioning, data recorder, encryption, streaming transmitter with LDPC encoding
    • 20-Watt tracking transponder
    • Airborne receiver with LDPC decoder
    • Ground station dual decryption unit
    • DBS-140 USB - PCM decom
    • Curtiss-Wright FTI products included in this demo include:
      • MDW-2020 PCM encoder
      • MESP-100-1 encryption module
      • TTS-5549-2 transmitter with LDPC encoding
      • TRS-1623-5 airborne receiver with LDPC decoding
      • MESP dual-channel decryptor
      • DBS-140-1 bit sync/decomutator
      • XPDR-520 C-band tracking transponder
      • XFT-100-1 C-band transponder tester
      • TTCware FTI system set-up and configuration software
  • Compact “All-in-one” Telepack Demonstration
    • This demo features the MDW-2020 Telepack with support for data acquisition, Chapter 10 recording, PCM encoding and the RF Transmission of Encrypted data
  • ARINC-818 acquisition and playback
    • This ARINC-818 acquisition system demo features Chapter 7 encoding, FFT performed on vibration data on module, and raw data and results encoded in Chap. 4
    • Curtiss-Wright FTI products included in this demo include:
      • KAM-500 and Axon DAUs
      • KAM/VID/114, AXN/ENC/402, AXN/ICP/401 Modules
  • Flexible Recorder Demonstration
    • This demonstration of a flexible FTI data recorder features the recording and transmission of selected data and show how different data can be easily stored on physically separate drives
    • Curtiss-Wright FTI products included in this demo include:
      • MnACQ-2600 miniature network data acquisition and encoding unit
      • QrNexus ADSR-4003F-10 advanced data server and recorder
  • Airborne Real-time Data Display and Analysis
    • This demo shows a Curtiss-Wright small form factor rugged DuraCOR® COTS mission computer integrated with IADS for in-flight data playback and analysis

FTI Software Demos

  • IADS post-test explorer (IADS PTE)
    • This demo will showcase Curtiss-Wright’s new unified post-test system that uses the power of IADS and a natural language engine to greatly simplify and speed the implementation of a post-test system. IADS PTE was developed specifically to serve post-flight test reporting needs.
  • TTCware FTI system set-up and configuration software
    • 2021 saw a number of significant upgrades to Curtiss-Wright’s popular TTCWare software, including improved UI that speeds up common tasks


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