U.S. Army Deploys PacStar IQ-Core Software Across WIN-T Increment 1 Network

U.S. Army Deploys PacStar IQ-Core® Software Across WIN-T Increment 1 Network
U.S. Army Deploys PacStar IQ-Core® Software Across WIN-T Increment 1 Network
Press release
October 03, 2016

U.S. Army Deploys PacStar IQ-Core Software Across WIN-T Increment 1 Network

The extensive deployment of PacStar’s software is aimed to help US DoD overcome system management complexity for at-the-halt Soldier communications

PORTLAND, Ore. Oct. 3, 2016 – PacStar®, a leading developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), announced today that US Army WIN-T has deployed its IQ-Core® Software, an intuitive communications management software platform, to unify the management of the Army deployed nodes, speeding up setup, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. The announcement was made at AUSA 2016, the largest land power exposition and professional development forum in North America, which is being held October 3-5, 2016 in Washington, DC.

The WIN-T rollout of PacStar IQ-Core Software includes more than 6,000 license purchases of the software platform for WIN-T Increment 1 systems, managing both classified and unclassified networks. PacStar is also providing Program support services in conjunction with the software.

Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) is the Army’s current and future tactical communications network backbone that provides seamless, assured, communications for the Soldier along with advanced network management tools to support implementation of a commander’s intent and priorities. WIN-T Increment 1 establishes a network backbone that provides the full range of at-the-halt data, voice and video communications, allowing Soldiers to simply pull over on the side of the road to communicate without setting up complicated infrastructure. The inclusion of IQ-Core Software in the program is part of an ongoing Army WIN-T technical refresh, and the software provides new capabilities in the program.

PacStar IQ-Core Software advances the WIN-T mission and untethers the on-the-move Soldier by delivering a robust communications management software platform with several key capabilities:

  • An intuitive user interface making set-up and operation by both technical and non-technical personnel quick and easy to learn with significantly fewer mis-configuration errors.
  • Powerful wizards and alerts with common user interfaces across all hardware and software components automating both complex and routine tasks.
  • Interoperability with a broad range of tactical and enterprise communications hardware and systems, enabling easy, consistent operation even with upgrade and replacement of system components.

Based on feedback from the US Army WIN-T program and the US ARMY CERDEC, PacStar developed a new edition of IQ-Core Software with significant advancements in configuration management and a suite of integrated tools, including:

  • Powerful configuration “snapshot” and “profile” features, enabling WIN-T to quickly replicate configurations of IQ-Core Software over thousands of deployed networks.
  • Integrated, time saving utilities including popup terminal windows, integrated file server (SCP, FTPS, etc.), note taking, device password vaults and an innovative “follow along” online help system.
  • Management integration with additional devices in the WIN-T nodes.

These new capabilities add to the already powerful set of features in the dashboard and wizard-driven platform including:

  • User management, including roles based security
  • Extensive VoIP, SIP/TDM controller/PBX management
  • Network device management
  • Configuration management, backup/restore
  • Network diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Event management/alerting and reporting

“This roll out demonstrates the benefits of IQ-Core Software and PacStar’s commitment to meeting the needs of the Warfighter,” said Peggy Miller, chief executive officer. “We think every deployable network program can reference this implementation, and take advantage of the accelerated pace of innovation that working with the WIN-T program affords us.”

IQ-Core Software is available today for use with PacStar-designed tactical and enterprise systems, as well as for integration on OEM systems and insertion into existing programs of record. To learn more about IQ-Core Software, visit www.pacstar.com/iq-core-software/.

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Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar) is a leading technology-based systems integrator that delivers advanced, reliable and interoperable tactical and enterprise communications systems to the military, federal, state and local government agencies, as well as emergency responders. The company’s patented IQ-Core Software and hardware technology and integration/installation services provide secure, command, control and communications systems – particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s unified and tactical network communications systems are ideally suited for commercial sector organizations with mission-critical, complex communications requirements.

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Combining tactical networking equipment and software, our PacStar tactical communications solutions enable enhanced battlefield situational awareness down to the individual warfighter.

Curtiss-Wright Expands Position in Tactical & Enterprise Network Comms Markets with Acquisition of PacStar

The addition of PacStar’s product portfolio will greatly expand the breadth of the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division’s mission-critical mobile and secure COTS-based processing, data management, and communications technologies, and will enable it to better serve its customers in the U.S. and worldwide.