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Cyber Security Robustness of an Embedded Computing System with Trusted Computing Measures Built-in

Cyber Security Robustness of an Embedded Computing System with Trusted Computing Measures Built-in


Planning to Export Data-at-Rest Storage with Encryption?

In applications where data flows need to take place in nanoseconds, the delay between when an instruction is received and when it executes, known as latency, is very important.

Military Embedded Systems

Creating a Trusted Platform for Embedded Security-critical Applications

Security-critical applications, such as cross-domain solutions (CDS), require a secure, trusted platform on which to execute, spanning software, firmware, and hardware. The lowest layer that the application interacts with directly is a trusted operating system (OS).


White Paper Series: Data-At-Rest Encryption

The Data-At-Rest Encryption Series white papers provide engineers, system architects, and program managers with background information, technical details, and a methodology for selecting a data-at-rest (DAR) security approach.


White Paper Series: Trusted Computing for Aerospace and Defense

Looking for the latest on Trusted Computing for aerospace and defense? Our white paper series, Trusted Computing: The COTS Perspective, examines the technologies and trends protecting today’s critical systems from cybersecurity and physical threats.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Trusted Computing for Defense & Aerospace Article eBook

This collection of articles, originally published by Military & Aerospace Electronics, covers a variety of Trusted Computing topics such as trusted boot, cyber security, quantum computing, cryptography and more, with a specific focus on the defense and aerospace industries.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Radiation Tolerance Meets Commercial Space

The wave of commercially developed communications and remote-sensing satellites seeks to balance costs, capability, size, weight, and power consumption in the latest new space designs.

Military Embedded Systems

Contested Space, Small Sats, and the Gamble on COTS in Space

Contested space, where nations compete for military dominance outside Earth’s atmosphere, is driving many military space platforms, but commercial space and small satellites continue to change the way the military suppliers of space electronics approach radiation-hardened component design from testing to deployment.

Avionics International

Will Today’s Cybersecurity Guidelines and Standards Become Mandates for Connected Aircraft Systems?

Aviation cybersecurity mandates by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are coming in the next two years.

Avionics International

Industry Responds to New Security Regulations, Vulnerabilities Facing Embedded Suppliers

All aviation stakeholders now must comply with the emerging aviation cybersecurity standards known as “Airworthiness Security Process Specification,” identified and first introduced as DO-326A in the US and ED-202A in Europe.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Military Cyber Security: Threats and Solutions

U.S. government and military are taking a lead role in protecting sensitive computers from cyber attack, and solutions finally are on the horizon.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Trusted Computing: An Overview

Attacks are getting sophisticated. Examples include Rowhammer, Meltdown, Spectre, and others. System designers need to consider many attack vectors.