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Military & Aerospace Electronics

Trusted Computing: An Overview

Attacks are getting sophisticated. Examples include Rowhammer, Meltdown, Spectre, and others. System designers need to consider many attack vectors.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Understanding Cyber Attacks in Embedded Computing Enables Integrators and Suppliers to Consider Options

The trusted computing task is to apply practical measures that can mitigate the effects of known cyber threats to aerospace and defense systems.

Military Embedded Systems

Today’s Spacecraft and Satellite Requirements Giving COTS a Fresh Look

The fast growth of small satellites and their lower life cycle and launch costs has created a sizable market for low-cost electronic components that have radiation-resistant characteristics.

Curtiss-Wright Debuts Industry’s First Ethernet-based High-Speed HD Video Camera with H.265 Compression for Aerospace Instrumentation Applications

Curtiss-Wright Debuts Industry’s First Ethernet-based High-Speed HD Video Camera with H.265 Compression for Aerospace Instrumentation Applications

The New HDC-430-1 Ethernet camera significantly reduces the bandwidth needed to downlink HD video captured during flight tests.


New Developments in Aviation Cybersecurity and Next-Generation Crash Recorders

Paul Hart discusses the latest EASA regulations for cybersecurity and DO-326A Airworthiness Security Process Specifications.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Trends in Trusted Computing and Network Security in Aerospace and Defense Embedded Computing Applications

In a constantly evolving threat environment, where new attacks arrive virtually every day, system architects must design networks to be as secure as possible.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Optimizing Cyber Security and Trusted Computing on Today’s Connected Military and Commercial Aircraft

If not properly protected by taking trusted computing measures, every system on an aircraft can create a potential vulnerability. Paul Hart talks about optimizing cyber security on today’s connected military and commercial aircraft.

Curtiss-Wright Preparing for Moon & Mars Missions

Curtiss-Wright Preparing for Moon & Mars Missions

Curtiss-Wright is working with NASA and aerospace leaders to return Americans to the Moon and send astronauts to Mars in the early 2030s

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Military Organizes for Cyber Warfare

J.R. Wilson from Military & Aerospace looks closely at how U.S. warfighters work aggressively to protect computers and networks, just as they would do to protect territory, airspace, sea lanes, and access to space.


Putting DAUs on a Diet for Small Launcher Applications

Smaller launchers provide a lower cost way of getting newer, smaller satellites into orbit - we look at how ruggedized DAUs, used in aerospace flight test, can provide a low cost solution for some space mission systems.

Military Embedded Systems

The State of Cyber Resiliency Metrics on Embedded Systems

We look at how the ability of an embedded system to identify, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks is defined by measuring its level of cybersecurity and cyber resiliency.

Milsat Magazine

The New Warfighting Domain — A Solution to Tackle Cybersecurity in Tactical Communications

Cyber has emerged as a new warfighting domain.