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3U power supply combines XMC mezzanine slot expansion and 6-port PCIe switch

October 07, 2016

WASHINGTON. At the annual Association of the United States Army (AUSA) meeting, Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division introduced the 3U embedded power supply that also delivers system I/O expansion without increasing slot count.

PSU3 Thor

COTS DO-254 safety-certifiable avionics hardware lowers cost, reduces risk

October 06, 2016

Rick Hearn from Curtiss-Wright looks at how COTS DO-254 safety-certifiable avionics hardware lowers cost and reduces risk.

NSA-approved two-layer encryption approach slashes cost and development time

September 02, 2016

Paul Davis from Curtiss-Wright looks at the NSA-approved two-layer encryption approach which slashes cost and development time.

11 Myths About GPU/GPGPUs for Defense Applications

August 18, 2016

Tammy Carter and Marc Couture with Curtiss-Wright deflate a number of the myths that have emerged regarding the use of GPU/GPGPUs in defense applications.

Developing effective hardware and software COTS security technologies

August 17, 2016

COTS suppliers are more frequently being called upon to help users address rapidly expanding requirements for anti-tamper (AT) and cybersecurity or information assurance (IA) capabilities. Learn more

High-speed ADC/DAC and FPGAs drive the design of next-generation SATCOM systems

July 28, 2016

Direct sampling using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC, eliminates the need for a front-end mixer and enables the full communications bandwidth to be processed digitally using digital signal processing (DSP) techniques.

Turbocharge HPEC system design with HPC development tools

July 25, 2016

As the demand for larger-scale, higher-performance deployed HPEC systems increases, access to the best development tools will only become more critical. Learn more about leveraging tools such as debuggers, profilers, and cluster managers.

VME Interfaces Return to FPGAs

July 06, 2016

One example of an FPGA-based VME interface alternative is Curtiss-Wright’s Helix, a field-tested and proven PCI Express-to-VME64x transparent bridge that provides a full VME64xMaster/Slave interface with a direct bridge to a PCI Express upstream port

Eurosatory 2016: Curtiss-Wright and Raytheon Team for MBT Upgrade Market

June 27, 2016

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (CWDS) announced the company is teaming with Raytheon to provide turret drive and stabilization system upgrades for the M60 and Challenger 1 main battle tank (MBT) fleets.

FMC+ standard propels embedded design to new heights

June 21, 2016

Jeremy Banks and Jim Everett look at the updated FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC+) specification that has been developed and refined over the past year, promising unparalleled I/O density and backward compatibility.

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