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Lowering the Cost of Spacecraft Avionics with Radiation-Tolerant COTS Electronics

May 19, 2017

The risk of failure for avionics equipment on-board spacecraft due to radiation exposure is a critical issue for launchers, re-entry vehicles, space habitats and satellites


Taking the complexity out of PCI Express configuration to optimize HPEC system design

April 18, 2017

Performance is all about eliminating bottlenecks to minimize latency and maximize throughput. To maximize overall system performance requires the fastest, most efficient processor-to-processor data paths.

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The commonality of COTS solutions for UUVs and UAVs

April 13, 2017

There is significant commonality between unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and UUV environments with standard rugged military commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded solutions often applicable to both.

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Curtiss-Wright Lowers Space Flight Cost, Speeds Up Development Time and Reduces Risk

April 10, 2017

Introducing the Smart Backplane subsystem (KAM/CSB/12U), a rugged multi-slot chassis designed specifically for data acquisition, data processing, and recording in radiation-intensive space environments.

Radiation hardened, rad-hard, space data acquisition

Curtiss-Wright MnACQ-2000 stackable networked encoding units support next-gen low-Earth orbit spacecraft

April 07, 2017

Curtiss-Wright is delivering its rugged, space-qualified data acquisition and network technologies for NASA’s Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS).

Intelligent Aerospace

Curtiss-Wright's Gen 4 PCIe design meets increased bandwidth requirements

March 30, 2017

Gen 4 PCI Express (PCIe) with standard MultiGig RT2 VPX connectors can now meet the increased bandwidth requirements

Gen 4 PCIe design,  increased bandwidth requirements

Rugged Design Starts with Smart Choices

March 23, 2017

To build equipment that can handle the challenges of rugged environments, engineers need to make the right design decisions for their components, chassis, and software. Here's how to get the job done.

Avionics data bus users demand more reliability and flexibility

March 10, 2017

John McHale speaks to Mark Grovak from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions on avionics data bus users demanding more reliability and flexibility.

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Another view: COTS technology helps drive and speed innovation

March 09, 2017

Mark Grovak looks at how COTS technology faciltates faster delivery of advanced capabilities to the warfighter in the battlefield

Covering the spectrum: Meeting the challenge of electromagnetic spectrum domination

March 01, 2017

Marc Couture of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions looks at the need for effective SIGINT/ELINT [signals intelligence/electronic signals intelligence]coverage of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

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