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Beating the heat in high-performance embedded computing

April 19, 2016

John Keller with Military & Aerospace Electronics discusses embedded computing designers' need to take a systems approach to cooling high performance processor systems.

Balancing Processing Power and Reliability in Micro-Mini Mission Computers

April 18, 2016

Enabling technologies, such as micro-miniature connectors, low-power multicore processors, and computer-on-modules, are helping to drive smaller and lighter next-gen, rugged, SWaP-optimized mission computers for unmanned platforms, rotorcraft, and other applications.

Unmanned aircraft leverage PC/104, COM Express, and other small form factors

April 14, 2016

While PC/104 has been around for decades it has never been healthier. Its main advantages - ruggedness, compact size, and modularity - have never been more in demand in the military electronics market, especially in unmanned systems.

PC/104 and small form factors popular in defense electronics systems

April 13, 2016

Thanks to its longevity and modularity, the PC/104 standard continues to be popular with military system designers, especially, as their size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements continue to shrink.

FMC+ Standard Propels Embedded Design to New Levels

March 25, 2016

Updated FPGA Mezzanine Card specification promises unparalleled I/O density, backward compatibility.

Wright Brothers Offshoot Heads For Deep Space

March 25, 2016

Frank Morring, Jr. with Aviation Week & Space Technology features Curtiss-Wright's history in aviation and its participation in several space programs.

Long live VME!

March 15, 2016

Aaron Frank discusses the continuation of VME after the end-of-life of the popular Tempe TSI148 VMEbus bridge chip.

Single-operator system is cost-effective for smaller ships

March 07, 2016

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects' Warship Technology Magazine featured Curtiss-Wright's new new low-cost, single-operator shipboard helicopter handling system designed
to address the size and weight limits of smaller ships.

Different Course, Same Destination

March 04, 2016

Robert Moorman with Vertiflite features Curtiss-Wright's history, rotorcraft experience and continued experience in both military and commercial aviation.

Curtiss-Wright CTO Combines Passion and Problem Solving

March 02, 2016

Aviation Business Daily features Paul Hart, CTO of Curtiss-Wright's Avionics and Electronics group.

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