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ANSI/VITA 48.8 Ratification Opens Gates for New Embedded Cooling, RF and Microwave Cooling

October 26, 2017

John Kelleher from Military & Aerospace looks at how two U.S. standards organizations have ratified an open-systems specification for advanced air-flow-through cooling in high-performance embedded computing, RF and microwave applications.

air-flow-through cooling

COM Express hot among military electronics users while CompactPCI levels off

October 18, 2017

John McHale speaks to Mike Southworth about COM Express, the fastest growing standard, thanks to its flexibility and reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) characteristics.

COM Express, CompactPCI

Zen and the Art of HPEC Software Debugging

September 18, 2017

Tammy Carter looks at how debugging tools are expanding the ability to produce quality and more robust software for HPEC systems.

hpec, software debugging,

DSEI 2017: MAST System guides helicopters

September 15, 2017

Don McKay, Curtiss-Wright speaks to Helen Haxell about developing a manual aircraft securing and traversing (MAST) handling system, which is expected to be utilized by navies around the world.

navy ground support

Safety-Certifiable COTS Hardware Delivers Big Benefits For Avionics System Designers

September 15, 2017

Rick Hearn looks at cost-effective, reliable avionics solutions that support DO-254 and DO-178 certification.

DO-254,  DO-178,

The Advantages of Netbooting for Embedded Systems

September 01, 2017

Paul Davis looks at how netbooting provides a superior alternative solution for installing and updating software that delivers huge labor savings.

Netboot, Data at rest, UAV

VITA 47: An Objective Baseline for High-Level Ruggedization

August 31, 2017

ANSI/VITA 47 is an American National Standards Institute standard that defines a rigorous test regime, enabling vendors to demonstrate that their VPX product is designed to perform optimally, while complying with specific environmental, manufacture, safety and quality criteria.

VITA 47, Ruggedization

VITA 76.0 Connectors Deliver Military-Grade High-Speed Signal Integrity for 10 GbE, USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 Interfaces

August 31, 2017

Mike Southworth, Curtiss-Wright and Ken Braund, Meritec look at how VITA 76.0 connectors deliver military-grade high-speed signal integrity for 10 GbE, USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 interfaces.

Vita 76.0

Marching To C-Band

August 17, 2017

Paul Cook looks at how the trend of the past 20 years continues as the commercial market develops better devices that are applicable to the telemetry application. The lower cost, higher gain and smaller size eases the transition to C-band.

c-band, telemetry, radio frequency

Augmented reality and video-management systems

August 09, 2017

Kevin Rooney looks at how augmented reality is poised to revolutionize applications such as search and rescue (SAR) and airborne surveillance.

augmented reality

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