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Networking the Battlespace

February 04, 2021

On November 2, 2020, Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) announced the acquisition of Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar(r)) for $400 million in cash.


Managing Network Communications at the Edge of the Battlefield: The Single Pane of Glass Approach

January 29, 2021

NetOps and Cyber SA demand rapid and continuous innovation to meet evolving threats to Department of Defense (DoD) information dominance, as well as to address the challenges that program managers and technical operations personnel face with network management.

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The Latest Trends in Rugged Computing

January 28, 2021

The proliferation of connected systems has been enabled by the U.S. military embrace of the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) revolution.

The Latest Trends in Rugged Computing

Challenges of Risk Management Framework for Cyber Security and Trusted Computing in Embedded Computing

January 27, 2021

The RMF establishes security and privacy controls, and contains more than 800 controls to select from, many of which don't apply to embedded systems.

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Black Box in the Sky Functionality Coming to Honeywell FDR This Year

January 27, 2021

Honeywell and Curtiss-Wright are making fast progress in bringing ‘black box in the sky’ functionality to their nextgen flight recorders.

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Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA): Enabling the Next Generation of Flexible and Adaptable Radar Systems

January 15, 2021

In order to keep up with the continued acceleration of new technology and to be able to protect the warfighter from the latest threats, it is essential that we can turn our deployed platforms into adaptable entities that can evolve over time and are not static. The SOSA [Sensor Open...

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The Essentials of Trusted Computing and Cyber Security

January 06, 2021

U.S. military and government information security experts try to hold the line against determined hackers seeking to break into critical computing systems from foreign governments and non-state bad actors.

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Speed and Security for Military Data Storage

January 06, 2021

Rugged data storage systems for aerospace and defense applications are moving to new data interfaces for unparalleled speed and capacity, while trusted computing and information security are driving trends.

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Cyber Security Robustness of an Embedded Computing System with Trusted Computing Measures Built-in

December 16, 2020

The systems designer needs to understand the levels of security functionality and assurance that a robust trusted computing solution needs.

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How Curtiss-Wright is Bringing PacStar Into the Fold

December 16, 2020

Pacific Star Communications’ journey began in 2000 as a reseller of military communications hardware and software, then the company applied lessons from that experience in its move to gradually become a maker.

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