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Thermal Modeling: A Must at the Design Phase

December 07, 2008

Advanced thermal analysis tools are a powerful weapon for effective military embedded systems designs. But like any weapon, it's how you use them that dictates their effectiveness.

Easing the integration headaches of FPGAs into heterogenous embedded systems

November 07, 2008

Military integrators are increasingly moving away from bus-based systems with homogeneous arrays of processors and are turning to heterogeneous systems with FPGAs and serial switched fabrics such as Serial RapidIO and PCI Express in their deployed embedded multiprocessor systems. The...

3U VPX is small form factor solution for military applications

October 07, 2008

Military system designers demand higher speeds, more bandwidth, and serial fabric connectivity than CompactPCI can provide, forcing the use of proprietary solutions. The new 3U VPX and VPX-REDI open standards offer however a COTS remedy, demonstrated in this article by a mission...

Mechanical Aspects of VPX and VPX-REDI Enhance Functionality and Ruggedness

October 07, 2008

The VPX standard brings not only enhanced and denser modern I/O, but also improvements for cooling that enable more functionality and robust ruggedization.

Video Distribution: The Big Picture

September 07, 2008

Today, video distribution in aerospace and defense applications-?such as on ship-?involves physically connected or wireless analog video signals. This is less than ideal because the quality loss, high bandwidth demands and costly switching infrastructure tend to limit flexibility. A far...

Optical fiber connectivity for rugged, embedded systems

September 07, 2008

Optical fiber is the transmission medium of choice for many military and aerospace applications because of its immunity to EMI, its lack of detectable electromagnetic emissions, its lower weight than copper cabling, and its ability to transmit high-speed signals over greater distances...

Multiprocessor-Specific Tools Enable Efficient Real-Time Development

August 07, 2008

Today there are numerous software development tool choices for aerospace and defense system programmers developing embedded real-time applications on single processor systems. But once you leave the single processor paradigm and attempt to develop multiprocessor real-time applications,...

New FPGAs slot into heterogeneous DSP systems

July 07, 2008

There is no doubt that FPGAs with their large arrays of multipliers have transformed the repetitive, parallel processing of sensor data at the front end of DSP systems such as radar, signals intelligence, and Electro- Optical/Infrared (EO/IR). Although earlier FPGAs offered the...

Integrated embedded systems need well-defined management strategy

June 07, 2008

Platform and shelf management strategies using standards such as Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) are well established in the enterprise and telecommunications sectors. Until recently, the diversity of military applications for embedded computing - plus a number of...

Single-source approach speeds delivery, mitigates risk for radar and signal processing systems

June 07, 2008

Today's radar and signal processing customers just might find that a single-source vendor is key in solving the integration and interoperability issues that often prevail in these complex systems.

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