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Case Study: Ruggedizing Cisco Ethernet Switches for the Military

December 28, 2011

This case study reveals how "ruggedizing" a commercial Ethernet switch can provide a cost-effective networking solution for demanding military applications.

Ruggedizing Commercial Products to Withstand the Most Demanding Environments

December 28, 2011

Meeting the challenges for ruggedizing systems designed for the commercial market can enable them to bring the latest technology advances into the harshest environments where they can operate reliably.

SRIO reaches a crossroads in Intel-based DSP designs

December 06, 2011

PCIe-to-SRIO bridges leverage Intel processors for faster, smaller, and lower power DSP designs.

Military's Demands Drive Innovative Thermal Management Solutions

November 01, 2011

Existing thermal management techniques are helping military electronics survive in severe environments. To ensure system robustness, thermal management technologies must keep pace with newer heat-producing systems.

Five Approaches to Cooling Military Electronics

October 01, 2011

Defense Tech Briefs
Seventy-one degrees C is the temperature of a steak done medium-well. It is also the temperature of an oven used to test thermal characteristics of military electronics. Electronic components in the COTS industry often have temperature limits of 85°C,...

Leveraging the Benefits of Small Form Factor Boards for Military Wearable Computers

October 01, 2011

As the military demands wearable computers that reduce SWaP without compromising performance, durability and reliability, engineers must provide innovative design solutions to meet these requirements. This article examines how creative approaches in designing SFF boards and leveraging...

New Lakota variant packs punch for Guard

September 29, 2011

Army National Guard pilots from four states are now training on the new Security and Support variant of the Lakota helicopter. The UH-72A S&S Mission Equipment Package is the newest helicopter to enter service with the Army.

Breaking performance barriers, New Electronics

September 13, 2011

High performance computing comes to the military embedded market

PCOTS versus LRU: COTS moving up the integration food chain

September 05, 2011

The COTS proposition, taking state-of-the-art commercial semiconductor technology and deploying it on open-standard military board architectures, is rapidly migrating up the technology food chain to the preconfigured subsystem level. Packaged COTS (PCOTS) subsystems are being driven by...

Individually addressable drives

August 30, 2011

Connecting Industry - Electronics
Curtiss Wright Controls Defense Solutions, considers how next generation Network Attached Storage devices are ideally suited to the defence market, to provide speed and capacity for data intensive needs.

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