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U.S. Army's VICTORY ushers in the next COTS integration revolution

December 05, 2012

Bringing state-of-the-art commercial silicon performance to deployed systems for rugged military environments can involve conflicting goals.

Life cycle management: The COTS perspective

December 05, 2012

Application stability and predictability are essential for deployed COTS-based mission-critical military systems, which tend to have an in-service life long far longer than the typical commercial production period of some of the system's key components.

Dealing with Big Data

December 01, 2012

Courtney Howard, Executive Editor of Military & Aerospace Electronics looks at how aerospace and defense applications are using new information storage solutions with increased capacity, security, and speed.

Curtiss-Wright develops new VICTORY-compliant vehicle network

November 07, 2012

Geoff Fein at IHS Jane's discusses Curtiss-Wright's new digital beachhead network switch and vehicle management computer.

AUSA 2012: Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates New Digital BEACHHEAD Networking & Vehicle Management System

October 24, 2012

Military Technology covers all aspects of modern defence technology, requirements, procurements and programmes. Military Technology's Oct 22 article highlights Curtiss-Wright's Digital Beachhead demonstration at AUSA 2012.

Bringing HPC Technology to Mil-Aero, Embedded Deployment

October 08, 2012

Embedded HPEC systems are following the commercial HPC trend towards Intel x86 architectures running Linux, but deployed on VITA's rugged OpenVPX form factor with RapidIO interconnect fabrics.

Delivering on power & thermal demands

October 01, 2012

Courtney Howard of Military & Aerospace Electronics discusses how technology firms advance power and thermal management technologies to meet growing demands for increased capabilities in the field.

From gum-stick to postage-stamp sizes, the era of small-form-factor embedded computing has arrived

October 01, 2012

John Keller of Military & Aerospace Electronics discusses how small form factor electronics are changing military embedded systems.

Embedded COTS Drives Advances in Military Training Systems

October 01, 2012

Curtis Reichenfeld discusses how open architecture 3U small form factor processing is making it possible to deploy high-performance simulation/emulation systems in SWaP-contrained platforms.

VICTORY Initiative Standardizes Combat System Architecture

September 27, 2012

Defense Electronics discusses the new VICTORY standard initiative and Curtiss-Wright products supporting VICTORY.

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