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The Clock Starts and Stops Here

May 11, 2018

Jermemy Banks looks at how accurate synchronization was achieved using the VPX3-530 Transceiver and the XCLK1 Multi-Clock Generator - learn more here.

Synchronization, Tranceiver, 3U VPX, FPGA, DAC, ADC

How Safety-Certifiable COTS are Designed to Meet DO-254 Requirements

May 03, 2018

Rick Hearn looks at how the careful component selection of DO-254 certifiable COTS modules results in a trusted solution with the service history, design and manufacturing pedigree to support its performance.

do-254, do254, do178, VITA 47

Switch vs Router: What’s the Difference?

May 02, 2018

As networking products have become more complex, the definitions of “switch” and “router” have evolved. Understanding what distinguishes between these different roles is key to selecting the right networking solution.

Switch, Router, Embedded Routers, Ethernet, IP, WAN

Serial Implementations of Flight Termination Systems

April 26, 2018

Paul Cook looks at how switching to a serial wiring approach on flight termination systems can reduce wiring and allow for additional features.

flight terminaton system

A Different Way to CameraLink

April 20, 2018

Jeremy Banks looks at implementing CameraLink using XF07-523 Digital IO XMC.

CameraLink, Channellink, XF07-523, Digital IO, FPGA, XMC

5 Key Criteria For Free-Deck Naval Aircraft Handling Systems

April 19, 2018

Free-deck naval aircraft handling systems are an agile, flexible and affordable alternative to integrated systems. Learn more about the 5 key requirements in our infographic.

Aircraft tug, Aircraft handling system

Finding the Balance Between Cost and SWaP in Space COTS

April 16, 2018

Stephen Willis looks at commercially-off-the-shelf products for use in space programs that strike the right balance between cost and SWaP without compromising on functionality.

Space data acquisition, COTS,

Navigating The VPX Ecosystem VITA Open Standards

March 14, 2018

Jeremy Banks looks at why understanding the VPX ecosystem and how standards fit together is vital to achieving key system design objectives.

Vita 48.8, Vita 47, Vita 46, VPX, high Performance, Cooling

Three Reasons to Pay Attention to Arm Processors

March 06, 2018

Mike Slonosky looks at why Arm processors are an impressive technology for defense systems and modules, such as single board computers (SBCs).

Arm processor, sbc, high performance,

5 Ways to Simplify Turret Aiming and Stabilization

March 01, 2018

For the highest degree of motion control and stability for battle tanks, infantry and fighting vehicles. See 5 ways to simplify turret aiming and stabilization in our downloadable infographic.

Turret Aiming, Stabilization

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