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The Evolution of Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Technology

March 22, 2017

Recently, analog to digital and digital to analog technology has been marked by not only performance improvements including speed, resolution, bandwidth, channel density, and lower power, but also higher levels of functionality and newer platforms to support the newer devices.

Analog to Digital Converter

Debugging nightmares: How many of these common debugging mistakes are keeping you up at night?

March 08, 2017

Software bug nightmares - how many of these sleepless debugging sessions could be avoided or resolved more easily?

Software Debugging, high performance embedded computing

Dissecting All-to-All Architecture: the ultimate COMINT/ELINT signal analysis methodology

February 28, 2017

All-to-All Architecture - explore how technological advances in multi-channel signal analysis provide new levels of radio frequency emitter tracking.

Signal analysis

How to Integrate Multiple Board Level Products With Ease

January 27, 2017

Light integration is the concept of working with a third-party vendor to help you create the baseline framework you need without the high cost of custom work or the inefficiencies of out-of-the-box solutions.

6U VPX Wideband Transmitter

Making Ethernet Work for Real-Time Systems

January 12, 2017

Building a real-time network takes more than just features in the switch – connected devices must also play by the rules. By creating and enforcing policies for every device in the system, Ethernet can be made to meet the requirements of even the most critical real-time applications.

Ethernet for Real-time systems

Upgrading to a Glass Cockpit – How Do You Get All Those Systems Working now?

December 19, 2016

Glass cockpit displays rely on computerized systems that integrate multiple data inputs and controls. They can present more information in the available space than conventional instrument panels.

FPGAs vs. CPU: What’s best for data acquisition?

December 16, 2016

CPUs and FPGAs are the traditional workhorse technologies employed in Data Acquisition Units (DAU). We compare the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies.

Combatting Sample Clock Jitter with Signal to Noise Ratio in a New World of High Resolution Data Converters

December 16, 2016

Jitter is a noise source that’s becoming increasingly more important to limit. Learn more about combatting sample clock jitter with Signal to Noise Ratio in a new world of high resolution data converters.

Signal to Noise

How Intel Xeon D can boost compute power AND solve sensor fusion challenges

December 06, 2016

The combination of Intel Xeon D chips and Curtiss-Wright CHAMP-XD boards represents the ultimate in flexibility and optimized performance for the application developer.

Intel Xeon D VPX Processing for Compute and Memory Intensive Applications

High end software defined radio: getting closer to the ideal

December 01, 2016

Software-defined radio is by no means a new concept, but as technological capabilities advance, the practicality of it in a variety of processes grows and is expected to become the dominant technology in radio communications in the long term.

Software defined radio

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