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How to Increase Situational Awareness and Reduce System Complexity with a Single-Box Solution

October 16, 2018

Small, fast, integrated DBH-672 Digital Beachhead system delivers advanced Arm computing and Gigabit switching in an impressively small form factor. Learn how the DBH-672 eliminates the need for multiple systems in our infographic.

DBH-672, Digital Beachhead, Situational Awareness, SFF, Small Form Factor, GbE, Switch, Arm, VICTORY, Router

Take the Fast Track to Market with Mission Critical Systems

October 12, 2018

Reduce development time with ruggedized, COTS products, in comparison to designing from scratch. Learn more how we can help get your products to market faster in our infographic.

COTS, SWaP, MCOTS, Modified COTS, System Integration

Partitioning with Software Full Disk Encryption

October 01, 2018

Paul Davis looks at data encryption and how to protect data with AES-256 encryption while maintaining the devices separate files and functionality. Read more about data encryption in this blog.

Encryption, Data-at-Rest, NAS, AES-256, DTS1

Overcoming the DO-254 DAL A Challenge

September 27, 2018

DAL A safety certification involves a strict set of guidance documents ensuring a high degree of safety in airborne electronics. Learn more about overcoming the DO-254 DAL A challenges in our infographic.

DO-254, do254, DAL A, safety certification,

Putting DAUs on a Diet for Small Launcher Applications

August 03, 2018

Smaller launchers provide a lower cost way of getting newer, smaller satellites into orbit - we look at how ruggedized DAUs, used in aerospace flight test, can provide a low cost solution for some space mission systems.

Space Data Acquisition, Space Launcher, DAU, Space X,

New Performance Breakthrough for VxWorks-based HPEC Systems

August 01, 2018

Curtiss-Wright introduces a performance breakthrough in design of High Performance Embedded Computing for ISR applications

HPEC, ISR, VxWorks

How to Strengthen Redundant Systems with Dissimilarity and Complex Voting

July 26, 2018

Rick Hearn and Paul Hart look at how to strengthen redundancy with dissimilarity and complex voting in order to meet DAL A requirements.

DO-254, DO-178, DAL A, Flight Standard

High Speed ISR Sensor Data Capture, Storage and Retrieval with the New HSR40

July 23, 2018

Paul Davis looks at how the new High Speed Recorder(HSR40) will enable capture of high speed ISR sensor data, storage and retrieval.

High Speed Recorder, UAV, Data Storage, ISR

Configurable FPGAs: Life Beyond Point Solutions

July 20, 2018

Paul Bundick looks at using configurable FPGAS for defense applications.


Extending an Aircraft’s Safe Lifetime

July 16, 2018

Alan Murphy looks at the range of aircraft monitoring programs which can detect structural failures, reducing unscheduled maintenance and costs.

Operational loads Monitoring, OLM, Structural Health Monitoring, SHM, FOQA

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