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November 07, 2018 | BY: Paul Cook, Russell Moore

In its 54th year, International Telemetering Conference (ITC) focus is on providing premier education opportunities through short courses and technical sessions - many exclusive to this event. Our team of experts showcase our now expanded line of Aerospace Instrumentation products:

Paul Cook, Russell Moore, and Patrick Quinn lend their telemetry expertise at ITC on topics including:

  • Range Systems and Mobile Ground Systems
  • Sensors and Data Acquisition
  • Image and Video

Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions for Aerospace Platforms with Highly Restrictive Space and Weight Requirements and Harsh Environmental Conditions

Introduction to COTS-based Trusted Computing



Space and weight are key factors in designing, mounting and installing data acquisition systems on UAV and missile development programs. Additionally, there are an increasing number of measurements and avionic busses that must be captured reliably and transmitted to the ground. 

This paper discusses the challenges faced by the current generation of solutions and proposes an integrated and expandable solution that addresses these challenges, meeting the requirements while future proofing the platform architecture for additional data acquisition requirements.


Non-Traditional Implementation of a Traditional Safety System

What You Need to Know to Protect Critical Platforms and Data  

Safety system implementation for Flight Termination involves the interconnection of specific signals from one (no redundancy) or both (redundancy) Flight Termination Receivers (FTR) to be telemetered to the ground for monitoring by the Range Safety Officer (RSO). The number of specific signals per FTR can be as high as 12 independent signals resulting in a large wire harness. The addition of an RS-232 programming interface on the radar transponder and telemetry transmitters adds weight and cost, takes up space and creates installation and maintenance issues.

This paper discusses how switching to a serial wiring approach, such as a multidrop bus, will reduce wiring and allow for other features including more in-depth status information and quick system configuration reprogramming.


Using Photogrammetric Analysis with High-Speed Cameras in Flight Testing Applications

Trusted Boot White Paper  

The cameras used in store separation FTI applications must be environmentally rugged and perform optimally and accurately in harsh environments. Any potential failure must be mitigated because of the high cost of keeping a test platform in the air. Post-test, it is important that the images can be correlated so the data is suitable for photogrammetric analysis.

This paper discusses what is required for successfully capturing data in flight tests for photogrammetric analysis and outlines a high speed camera system solution.

Author’s Biography

Paul Cook

Director of Missile Systems, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

Paul Cook is the Director of Missile Systems at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. He has 37 years of extensive design and product line experience in Telemetry Systems. He has held both engineering and management positions in Design & Development, Embedded Encryption, RF Subsystems and Data Links, Engineering & Business Management, and Program Management. He has 34 years of experience in the Telemetry industry and 3 years in Information Assurance Type I CCEP certifications. Paul joined Teletronics in 2007 and in addition, worked in the Telemetry Industry for General Dynamics Corporation, Aydin Corporation, and L-3 Communications Corporation. Paul obtained a BS degree from The College of New Jersey and has various postgraduate courses towards a MBA and Program Management Certifications.

Russell Moore

Author’s Biography

Russell Moore

Product Line Manager - Recorders, Switches and Cameras, Aerospace Instrumentation, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions.

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