Use DO-254 and DO-178B Certifiable COTS to Cut Costs and Reduce Risks

October 08, 2014 | BY: Gregory Sikkens

New 3U Modules Available Now

When your systems face DO-254/DO-178B Safety Certifiable requirements, the cost and schedule impact can be daunting. Developing the necessary data artifact packages is expensive and time-consuming even for teams familiar with the process - doubly so for a team new to the standards.

Now there is a COTS Alternative to Costly Custom Designs
You can apply the risk-reducing benefits of COTS to your designs of safety-certifiable hardware for airborne platforms, speeding development while lowering costs. Curtiss-Wright is now shipping a new SWaP-C (space/weight/power/cost)-optimized COTS module:

This module is rugged and designed using a development process that results in a DO-254 Design Assurance Level (DAL) C and DO-178C DAL C certifiable product and supporting artifact packages, which are developed from the ground up, rather than reverse-engineered afterward. This powerful, space-efficient 3U VPX module is ideal for any application requiring safety certification, including airborne applications and mission computers.

International Standards
DO-254 is an internationally recognized design assurance guidance document adopted by aviation standard bodies around the world to ensure electronic hardware is safe for use in aircraft. Certification requires rigorous documentation to provide proof of design assurance throughout the hardware design lifecycle.

RTCA/DO-178B was developed by the commercial avionics industry to establish software guidelines for avionics software developers. The standard defines software lifecycle management, criticality level details and software component testing to ensure a high level of software reliability.

Building on a Legacy of Safety Certifiable Experience
The new Safety Certifiable COTS Module family builds on Curtiss-Wright's legacy experience spanning over 25 years as a supplier of safety certifiable electronics to the commercial and defense aviation industry, including the first data crash recorders, air data modules, data concentrators for avionics upgrades and fully integrated rugged processing subsystems.

Author’s Biography

Gregory Sikkens

Senior Product Manager, Graphics, Safety Certifiable & ARM Single Board Computers

During his 28 years at Curtiss-Wright, Gregory's current role as Senior Product Manager includes the product lines of: Graphics, ARM Single Board Computers and Safety Certifiable COTS boards. Previously, Gregory also held roles as product development manager, software team lead, and test/ILS engineering. Gregory has a Microcomputer Engineering Technologist degree from St. Lawrence College.

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