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Curtiss-Wright Expands Data Acquisition Unit Chassis Family for its Next Generation Axon™ Flight Test DAU

September 14, 2018 | BY: John Wranovics

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One of the FTI industry’s lightest, most powerful and flexible compact DAU

ASHBURN, Va. – September 14, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that its Aerospace Instrumentation (AI) business unit has introduced the latest addition to its Axon™ family of data acquisition unit (DAU) chassis, the 6-slot AXN/CHS/06U. Axon DAUs provide one of the most powerful and modern solution on the market by combining unprecedented flexibility with outstanding reliability for demanding applications. The family of Axon chassis, now available in 6, 9, and 16-slot configurations, enables FTI engineers to quickly configure and deploy the vast amounts of data acquisition required to support demanding flight test, missile test, and space developmental/operation flight instrumentation programs.

Supporting data throughput rates up to 800 mbps, via a dual-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) controller module (AXN/BCU/401), the Axon chassis delivers a significant increase over previous DAU system performance. With 1 Gigabit data transfer rates dedicated to each backplane slot, the Axon chassis is future proofed for the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s FTI requirements. Compared to “slice-of-bread”-style DAU chassis alternatives, the Axon chassis enables far faster integration and re-configuration, reducing time and cost, since any Axon user module can be placed in any Axon chassis user-slot, in any combination.

The compact, low-weight chassis are designed to deliver optimal thermal dissipation, without requiring a heat sink for normal operation. The user modules can also be remotely located in restricted locations on the platform via an Axonite™ remote module system housing. Axon chassis can be daisy-chained via the AXN/BCU/401 dual-port GbE controller module to create distributed DAU solutions.

Customers benefit by spending less time building and altering systems. Given the vast data acquisition capacity potential of an Axon chassis, they can be reused many years into the future, as larger data acquisition demands become more common. What’s more, the chassis’ lower weight and optimized thermal dissipation make installation simpler, especially into remote and hot zones.

“Today’s flight test instrumentation engineers have to handle rapidly increasing quantities of data and need a flexible DAU solution that can rapidly adapt to changing requirements, both during and after the development cycle,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division. “Axon delivers unprecedented flexibility combined with advanced packaging that sets a new standard for size, weight and power optimization.”

Axon Chassis Family Performance Features:

  • AXN/CHS/06U:
    • 6 user-slot Axon chassis
    • isolated 50W power supply
    • 18 to 68 VDC isolated power supply
    • Rugged aluminum housing
    • Supports remote Axonite mounting of user modules
    • LED power and status indicator
  • AXN/CHS/09U
    • 9 user-slot Axon chassis
    • isolated 100W power supply
    • 18 to 68 VDC isolated power supply
    • Rugged aluminum housing
    • Supports remote Axonite mounting of user modules
    • LED power and status indicator
  • AXN/CHS/16U:
    • 16 user-slot Axon chassis
    • isolated 100W power supply
    • 18 to 68 VDC isolated power supply
    • Rugged aluminum housing
    • Supports remote Axonite mounting of user modules
    • LED power and status indicator

Axon Quick Start Kit

Curtiss-Wright also recently introduced the Axon Quick Start Kit (QSK). Using the Axon QSK (AXN/QSK/001), FTI engineers can rapidly familiarize themselves with the DAU as it includes everything needed in the supplied flight case. The QSK is also 100% usable in a full flight test campaign and can be augmented with more modules, Axon chassis, or other DAUs from Curtiss-Wright. The Axon QSK lets FTI engineers easily familiarize themselves with our innovative new Axon data acquisition platform. With its miniature size and unprecedented flexible installation options, Axon lets FTI engineers lower the weight of equipment and wiring, gather more data, and meet demanding time schedules while ensuring that none of their critical data is lost during flight test. Available at a one-time only introductory cost, the Axon QSK makes it easier for FTI engineers to discover for themselves why Axon represents the future of flight test, missile and aircraft monitoring applications.

The Benefits of Complete System Solutions

The Axon chassis, Axon user modules, and Axonite remote housing are designed to work with Curtiss-Wright’s TTC DAU and KAM-500 DAU family of products, including high-speed cameras, data recorders, and switches.

About the Curtiss-Wright Aerospace Instrumentation Group

In 2017, Curtiss-Wright integrated its Dublin business unit (Ireland) with the Teletronics Technology Corporation business unit (based in Newtown, Pennsylvania), to form the Industry’s broadest and most experienced single source for customers of commercial and defense aerospace instrumentation system solutions. With the merger of the two business units, Curtiss-Wright now supports more aerospace flight test customers, platforms, and programs than any other competitor around the world. What’s more, with its increased resources and global reach, the Company is able to significantly expand the availability of its unmatched quality and customer support, while bringing even larger system-level solutions to market.

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