Custom, Rugged Enclosures

Custom, Built for Purpose 901D Rugged Enclosure Solutions
Custom, Built for Purpose 901D Rugged Enclosure Solutions
Custom, Rugged Enclosures
Naval Solutions

Our Naval solutions include varying levels of customer payload pre-integration and are built, tested and qualified to MIL-STD-461E (EMI), MIL-STD-810F (humidity), MIL-STD-167-1A (vibration), MIL-STD-810F (thermal cycling), MIL-STD-810 (Drip & fungus), MIL-STD-509.4 (salt, fog), MIL-STD-740-1 (acoustic airborne noise),  DOD-STD-1399 (motion & attitude), MIL-STD-740-2 (structure-borne noise), MIL-DTL-901 (shock) and MIL-STD-882D (safety) standards.

STE-CA-2365 Control Station For Protection
Curtiss-Wright’s 901D portfolio of electronics cabinets, consoles, and supporting integration services are aligned to Naval and other highly ruggedized applications deployed in harsh military environments.
Consoles common display systems (vertical)
Consoles common display systems (vertical)
Consoles for gun fire control systems
Consoles for machinery control systems
Rugged navigation and mapping tables
Consoles for pilot house local operating panels (PHLOPs)
Consoles for diesel generator workstations
Consoles for machinery controls (Seated)
Consoles for machinery controls (Seated)
Consoles for gas turbine workstations
Consoles for health monitoring systems
Consoles for tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems

Built for Purpose, Built Rugged

Curtiss-Wright’s 901D portfolio of products, capabilities, and services is focused on designing and producing highly engineered rugged enclosures and higher-level integrated systems. Our customers rely on us to supply the right level of integration for their program, from bare enclosures to semi and fully-integrated enclosure systems. Curtiss-Wright’s design, test, and production facilities have made enclosures for every class of US Navy surface and sub-surface combat vessel, including consolidated afloat network and enterprise services (CANES), ship signal exploitation equipment (SSEE), undersea warfare combat system (SQQ-89) and multifunctional information distribution system on-ship-modernization (MOS-Mod).

Solutions for Other Harsh Environments

Other enclosure systems, including airborne, coast guard, and Army applications, are built, tested, and qualified to various standards, including MIL-STD-461E (EMI), MIL-STD-167-1A (vibration), MIL-STD-1310 (grounding, EMC & safety), DO-160G (environmental), MIL-STD-810G (environmental engineering) and FAA HFDG.

Consoles for shore-based training facilities
Consoles and multi-level security thin client 2-display workstations
Consoles and multi-level security thin client 3-display workstations
Consoles for airborne operator workstations

Value-Focused Approach to Naval Equipment Enclosures

New efficient approaches to cabinet and console design, fabrication, integration, and qualification is enabling prime defense contractors to equip the Navy faster with better technology while increasing ROI. 


How We Solve Complex Enclosure & Integration Challenges

Our 901D portfolio of enclosures and integration services are named after and are designed to exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-901 for shipboard machinery shock testing. This suite of capabilities is aligned to Naval and other highly ruggedized applications deployed in harsh military environments. Learn more about how we solve complex integrated enclosure challenges.

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