MPMC-9H5x Multi-Platform Modular Computer Hybrid VPX/VME, 3U/6U System

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MPMC-9H5x Multi-Platform Modular Computer Hybrid VPX/VME, 3U/6U System
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The MPMC-9H5x mission computer enables embedded system designers to easily and quickly configure a hybrid VME and VPX compute environment. 

Standard Configuration 1 x FCP III, NXP Power Architecture MPC8610 processor
Volume Optimized Size 14.2" x 9.0" x 9.1"
Form Factor Hybrid backplane (Mix of VPX & VME buses, mix of 3U & 6U slots)
Power 28 VDC input, MIL-STD-704 compliant
Cooling Natural convection-cooling
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MPMC-9H5x Multi-Platform Modular Computer Hybrid VPX/VME, 3U/6U System

The MPMC-9H5x mission computer provides the highest functional density available in a small package. As a natural convection cooled system, the MPMC-9H5x mission computer is designed for reliable operation in harsh environments without the need for base plate of forced air cooling.

Incorporating mixed backplane technology (VME, 3U VPX, and 6U VPX) and form factors in a single system will allow integrators to optimize the required solution. The mixed backplane technology also opens up the range of possibilities of mixing existing card technologies and allowing for future expansion.

Packaged in a compact 3U/6U ½ ATR form factor and equipped with reliable Power Architecture processing, the MPMC-9H5x has all the elements required of modern mission computers in space constrained applications. See product sheet for exact list of interfaces that have been tested and verified.

The MPMC-9H5x mission computer is designed to meet the harsh environments of many military and aerospace computing applications. Optimal system cooling is ensured via thermal transfer between card edges of its conduction cooled VME and VPX cards and the side walls of the system enclosure. EMI filters and gaskets are employed for system security and increased reliability. The MPMC-9H5x is qualified to MIL-STD-810F standards for shock, crash safety, vibration, temperature, altitude, and explosion proofness.

The standard system configuration of the MPMC-9H5x is equipped with an integrated 28 VDC power supply unit and one PCP III processor card. The power supply can be ordered with an optional NED and circumvention output to the backplane.

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