3U VPX GPGPU Modules

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3U VPX GPGPU Modules

Rugged GPGPU processing cards featuring for machine learning and artificial intelligence

For systems requiring enhanced situational awareness or using deep learning frameworks for artificial intelligence applications, these highly engineered modules provide a field-proven hardware foundation. Answering the growing demand for (AI) and high-performance processing in deployed EW and ISR applications, our 3U VPX GPGPU modules are designed to deliver advanced capabilities in a highly rugged, SWaP-optimized board. These processing powerhouses leverage the latest GPGPU advancements from NVIDIA for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Equipped with NVIDIA CUDA and Tensor machine learning cores, our 3U VPX GPGPU boards offer TFLOPS processing capability alongside maximum memory bandwidth for the most compute-intensive tasks.

Product Name Product Image Generation Memory Memory Bandwidth Features PCIe Configuration Product Sheet
VPX3-4935 GPGPU Processor Card, Aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard NVIDIA Quadro Turing RTX5000E (3072 CUDA cores, 384 Tensor cores) 16 GB GDDR6 448 GB/s 4 Video Ports out (DP, DVI, or HDMI) x16 Gen 3
VPX3-4933 GPGPU Processor with NVIDIA GP104/Pascal 5200 GPU NVIDIA GP104/Pascal 5200 (2560 CUDA cores) 16GB GDDR5 243 GB/s x8 or x16 Gen 3
VPX3-4925 GPGPU Processor with NVIDIA Quadro Turing TU106/RTX3000E NVIDIA Quadro Turing TU106-RTX3000E (2304 CUDA cores, 288 Tensor cores) 6 GBs GDDR6 336 GB/s 4 Video Ports out (DP, DVI, or HDMI) x16 Gen 3
VPX3-4924 3U VPX GPGPU Processor Card with NVIDIA Tesla Pascal P6 NVIDIA Tesla Pascal (2048 CUDA cores) 16 GB GDDR5 192 GB/s x16 Gen 3

Reduce cost, risk, and time to market with COTS hardware

Our broad selection of open-architecture, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) rugged embedded computing solutions process data in real time to support mission-critical functions. Field proven, highly engineered and manufactured to stringent quality standards, Curtiss-Wright’s COTS boards leverage our extensive experience and expertise to reduce your program cost, development time and overall risk.

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The Role of Tensor Cores in Enabling AI and Machine Learning

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How Can I Teach My Machine to Learn?

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