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Successor to the popular and flexible Cobra VME video windowing card, Cobra2 is a high-performance, multi-input, video windows processor that can accept up to 12 video inputs per card and select up to four for display as windows on a high-resolution, digital flat panel or analog display. Video inputs can be PAL, NTSC, RS-170, RS-343, or high-resolution computer video up to 1600 x 1200 and 1920 x 1080, with considerable flexibility in the formats and video timings. In addition to the four video windows, an overlay or background high-resolution graphics signal may be input to the card as a separate DVI or analog RGB video. The card supports various display configurations, including quad-video, picture-in-picture, full-screen zoom and alpha blending, and cross-mixing video sources.

Cobra2 requires only power from the VME bus and can be completely controlled over the Ethernet or RS-232 interfaces. Multiple video sources may be input and selected for display in multiple windows under software control. The output video may be displayed on a monitor or projector, using either the analog RGB output or, for optimum image quality, the direct digital DVI output.

Key Features

  • Single/dual-slot VME video windowing card
  • Up to four moveable, scalable windows
  • Select 4 from up to 12 composite TV, 6 S-Video and/or 4 RGB inputs up to 1920x 1080 resolution
  • DVI-I analog or digital input for underlay/overlay
  • DVI-I (analog and/or digital) output to display monitor
  • Alpha blending and video cross mixing
  • Controlled via Ethernet or RS-232


  • Multi-function consoles
  • TV windows mixed with computer graphics
  • Multi-layer video with blended layers
  • Video standards conversion and scaling
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