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The VPX3-534 is a high-performance single slot RF digitizing transceiver with two 6 Gsps 12bit ADC channels, also configurable as four 3 Gsps ADC channels, and two 6 Gsps very low latency DAC channels.

An AMD Kintex UltraScale KU115 FPGA interfaces with the ADC and DAC devices and VPX backplane connectivity, providing ample resources for preprocessing wideband signals and optionally transferring data to/from other VPX boards in a system.

An embedded AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC device supports local processing options, and well as high-level system interfaces to the VPX backplane, such as Ethernet.

The efficient design of the VPX3-534 provides optimized cooling for solutions requiring high levels of FPGA performance to over 100W card power.

The architecture is optimized for radar, Electronic Warfare (EW), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and Software Defined Radio applications where high-temperature range environments are critical – from -54° C to +71° C. The VPX3-534 can operate as a standalone board, or be connected to other products as part of a powerful signal processing system. Curtiss-Wright offers GPU, processor, networking and Intel Xeon D architecture DSP products either as board-level or full system-level solutions including extensive total lifecycle services for long production lifetimes.

Key features

  • 2x 6Gsps/12b analog inputs (or 4x 3Gsps/12b)
  • 2x 6Gsps/12b analog outputs
  • AMD KU115 UltraScale user programmable FPGA
  • AMD ZU4 UltraScale+ Zynq
  • High-performance conduction-cooled
  • VxWorks (contact factory for Linux support)
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