VME-1909 VME 5th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor Card

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VME-1909 VME 5th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor Card
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The VME-1909 Intel Core i7 Broadwell SBC maximizes the performance of the multiple processor cores by having 32GB DDR3L SDRAM connected directly to the processor. The processor also features AVX/AVX2 SIMD extensions to accelerate math-intensive algorithms.

Key Features

  • Intel Core i7 Broadwell 5th Generation processor 
  • Quad-Core (8-thread) i7-5850EQ at 2.7 GHz with Turbo up to 3.2 GHz;
  • Up to 32 GB DDR3L
  • Up to 128 GB SATA NAND flash 
  • Supports two PMC/XMC expansion mezzanines 
  • Supports Linux (Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)), VxWorks, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard and LynxOS
  • Available in air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions 



  • Legacy VME system upgrades 
  • General computing and mission processing 
  • Systems requiring demanding storage, data logging and sensor processing requirements 
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VME-1909 VME 5th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor Card

The VME-1909 from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is designed to be a low-cost, high-performance technology insertion Single Board Computer (SBC). Pin-compatible with many previous generations of Curtiss-Wright SBCs, the VME-1909 offers increased computing performance with today’s latest software advances.

The VME-1909 supports Intel’s 5th generation Core i7 processor. Utilizing this advanced quad-core CPU and Curtiss-Wright’s proven ruggedization technology, the VME-1909 is a perfect replacement for older SBCs, breathing new life and increased performance into systems required to be around for years to come.

With a high-speed, dual-channel DDR3 memory subsystem connected directly to the processor supporting up to 32 GB SDRAM, the VME-1909 is able to maximize the performance of the multiple processor cores. The processor also features AVX and AVX2 SIMD extensions, accelerating math-intensive algorithms. The Intel Core i7 processor includes an enhanced GPU, offering discrete GPU performance with OpenGL for graphics-intensive applications, and also serving as a 40-core GPGPU with OpenCL™ support for data processing-intensive applications. The Core i7 is also equipped with L3 cache, allowing it to process larger vectors at peak rates than previous processor technologies. Up to 128 GB of SATA NAND flash memory make the VME-1909 an ideal SBC for handling applications with demanding storage, data logging and sensor processing requirements.

The VME-1909 includes dual X/PMC sites supporting a wide variety of mezzanine daughter cards. Additionally, the board supports a host of standard I/O including Gigabit Ethernet, RS-232/422, discrete DIO, dual DVI and VGA, SATA, USB, and analog audio ports.

A wide range of popular operating systems are supported, including Linux (Fedora and RHEL), VxWorks, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard and LynxOS.

Ask our sales engineers about integrating the VME-196 in your existing system, using one of our 6U systems or having us design a system for your application. If your application requires a module with a custom pinout, different I/O or custom size, Curtiss-Wright's Modified COTS team will analyze the requirements and modify modules to meet your unique needs.