Radar Video Processor (RVP)

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Key Features

  • Radar video acquisition, from analog or digital signals
  • Clutter processing
  • Cell averaging CFAR
  • Radar video distribution on LAN
  • Radar video recording on local disk
  • Plot extraction
  • Automatic target acquisition
  • Target tracking
  • Radar video PPI display engineering and control interface
  • Network control
Advantage Xi Radar Scan Converter

Advantage Xi Radar Scan Converter

The Advantage Xi radar scan converter is a half-size PCI card. Radar video arrives into the card through the PCI bus, which allows the card to be used in a client-server configuration with radar...

Eagle Radar Scan Converter PMC

Eagle Radar Scan Converter PMC

Eagle is a flexible and powerful radar scan converter that is based upon field-proven technology and comes in a compact and mechanically ruggedized PMC form factor. Eagle features a low power,...

Eagle-2 Hi-Res Radar Scan Converter PMC

Eagle-2 Hi-Res Radar Scan Converter PMC

Eagle-2 is a high-performance radar scan converter from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. Eagle-2 provides improved performance and support for high-resolution screen displays up to 2560 x 1600,...

Osiris Dual Channel Radar Interface

Osiris Dual Channel Radar Interface

Osiris is a high-performance, dual-channel radar interface board that accepts and processes analog and digital radar signals and provides a PCI interface to applications. Osiris comes from a long...

SoftScan Radar Scan Conversion Package

SoftScan Radar Scan Conversion Package

This embedded computing radar product portfolio provides ultra-high radar scan-conversion performance using unique graphics processor unit (GPU)-accelerated algorithms. Utilizing the power and...


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Radar Acquisition, Tracking, Distribution and Processing

Radar Video Processor (RVP) is a family of high-performance radar acquisition, tracking and distribution servers that are designed to address a broad range of radar processing requirements, from network radar video servers to ruggedized naval tracking solutions. RVP servers are designed to work with our extensive range of radar client solutions for video and track display. Alternatively, they may be used in standalone configurations providing, for example, radar plot extraction and tracking data into an existing display or fusion system. RVP servers can be implemented as customized rugged systems for demanding environments, PC-based for benign environments or as VME or VPX card assemblies for embedded applications. RVP is fully interoperable with hardware and software-based radar scan conversion products from Curtiss-Wright.

RVP benefits from Curtiss-Wright’s tradition of excellence in developing integrated and OEM-level solutions for the demanding high-performance requirements of defense and aerospace applications. Curtiss-Wright’s open-systems hardware combined with modular software design provides powerful performance in cost-effective, compact form factors that are built on standard COTS hardware platforms.

Integrated software modules form the heart of RVP. They drive radar processing capabilities, and because they are designed for industry-standard operating systems and computing platforms, they can be easily maintained and upgraded for a long lifespan. Typically the RVP software modules are built into an RVP server system, integrated with an appropriate computing platform and hardware for radar acquisition and display. These integrated systems are commonly classified as RVP Radar Video Distribution Server, RVP Plot Extractor and RVP Tracker.

An RVP Radar Video Distribution server acts as a central location for receiving primary radar video and distributing it via a standard Ethernet-based local area network (LAN) to a range of client displays, where it is scan-converted and displayed.

RVP receives radar video through a network interface or a Curtiss-Wright radar input card, such as Osiris. The radar input card receives radar turning signals and analog/digital video before processing the signals to generate integrated digital data for analysis. RVP supports an extensive range of radar input types such as ACP/ARP, Synchro, RADDS and ASDE-3, as well as a variety of parallel and serial azimuth formats.

RVP offers moving platform support, optional radar recording for post-mission analysis and debrief, and full auto-tracking solutions for naval, air traffic control and vessel traffic applications. It provides a full-featured maintenance interface and a network-based remote API that allows system integrators to control its operation from client workstations.

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