CSW1 VXS Circuit Switch Card

The CSW1 VXS circuit switch enables standard backplanes to be configured with any topology. The CSW1 uses Zero Latency Switch (ZLS) technology for maximum flexibility in configuring a VXS system's communications infrastructure. At its heart, the ZLS provides a cross-bar circuit switch that enables any high-speed serial data link to be linked to any other high-speed data link. These serial data links can be VXS backplane connections or front panel (copper or fiber-optic) transceiver I/O. Other modes, such as multicast, are also supported.

The CSW1 VXS Circuit Switch Card supports up to 56 VXS 1x (backplane) links (or 14 4x) which can be configured for any routing topology. The actual routing is established using static circuit switches. These link together the VXS payload connections routed by the backplane to the switch slot. The combination of the CSW1 VXS Circuit Switch Card and a standard backplane is to effectively provide a custom backplane routing scheme using off-the-shelf products. Each VXS payload card supports up to 2 4x (8 1x) links, so depending on the VXS backplane employed, the CSW1 VXS Circuit Switch Card can be used to fully connect up to 7 payload cards with dual 4x links or 14 payload cards with a single 4x link. Thus the CSW1 can support systems ranging from 2 to 14 VXS payload cards using 4x links.

In addition to backplane data link routing, the CSW1 VXS Circuit Switch Card supports front panel serial I/O ports with up to 12 transceiver channels. The transceivers can operate at any speed up to 3.2Gbps depending on the specific transceiver type. These channels can be routed to any of the VXS communications channels for convenient data input/output from sensor arrays or data recorders.

The CSW1 VXS Circuit Switch Card is available in a number of environmental build options ranging from commercial air cooled to extended temperature rugged air cooled to rugged conduction cooled.

  • Downloads
  • Up to 3.2Gbps per link
  • 56 1x (14 4x) backplane data links
  • Connect any front panel transceiver to any VXS link
  • Hardware data broadcast
  • Able to support different signal rates across different channels at the same time
  • Ideal for real-time system solutions
  • Use standard VXS backplane to create a custom configuration
  • Suitable for applications such as ELINT, SIGINT, Surveillance, Radar, Sonar, Real-Time Imaging
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