ENSCO Avionics IData Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solution

ENSCO Avionics' Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solution is pre-tested and pre-validated support for ENSCO Avionics' IData graphical software solution on Curtiss-Wright's rugged COTS modules. Developed as part of the System Ready Application (SRA) initiative, this solution allows defense and aerospace system designers to quickly integrate Curtiss-Wright’s rugged COTS graphics controllers and single board computers (SBCs) with IData, to significantly reduce the risk and costs associated with adding HMI capabilities into embedded systems for demanding deployed applications. The HMI Solution is also available as a packaged COTS system, supporting 3U and 6U form factors with configurable system options. Please refer to the Curtiss-Wright MPMC system product line for available base options. 

About IData
IData is a platform-independent graphical software solution that offers dynamic graphical data displays with innovative user interaction, live video, sensor data, and powerful geospatial plug-ins with complex 3-D content. Providing a DO-178B/C certifiable runtime, IData offers easy-to-use content creation tools that enable developers to rapidly prototype graphic displays. Capabilities include: 

  • Efficient, optimized generation of complex animated graphical data from the designs created within the IData Modeler 
  • Fully integrated geospatial data engine, IDataMap, can combine raster chart data, satellite imagery, vector datasets, and DTED elevation into a globally referenced data fusion environment 
  • IData3D scene manager that includes tools for the creation of graphical HMIs and dynamic graphic displays 

About Curtiss-Wright’s System Ready Applications
Curtiss-Wright’s System Ready Applications (SRAs) provide system integrators with proven, cost-effective technologies that make it easy to enhance their embedded systems’ capabilities. The SRAs define the specific hardware, provided by Curtiss-Wright, and the software package, provided by a best-of-breed software partner. Each SRA is pre-verified and pre-tested which takes the design risk out of adding new applications to both new and existing systems, significantly reducing up-front costs and speeding development schedules. 

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Key Features

  • Hardware: A complete set of COTS modules (SBCs and GPUs) that allow you to integrate ENSCO Avionics' IData graphical software solution into existing systems or implement a turnkey rugged deployable system. 
  • Software: ENSCO Avionics' IData Tool Suite, a platform-independent embedded graphical software solution – pre-tested and pre-validated to work with CurtissWright’s rugged hardware. 
  • System Integration: The HMI solution is also available as an MPMC packaged COTS system. 



  • Complete: Hardware and software solutions ready to integrate into your system 
  • Pre-verified: Reduce integration time and interoperability design risk 
  • ŠLow cost: Reduces up-front costs 
  • Fast: Reduces Time to Market 
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