PMC-704/A Dual Input Output Graphics PMC

The PMC-704/704A PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) feature rich graphics and video capture product designed for harsh environments. This IEEE 1386.1 Graphics PMC module is ideal for use in rugged applications such as Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD), Heads Up Displays (HUD), Avionics cockpit displays, command and control and digital moving maps among others. The AMD RADEON MOBILITY 9000 (M9) based graphics PMC supports both legacy and current video interfaces, making it an ideal solution for both new and retrofit ground, naval and avionics platforms. The PMC-704/704A Graphics and Video PMC card is complimented with broad OpenGL driver, X-Server and Built-In-Test (BIT) support for Wind River VxWorks, Green Hills Software Integrity and Linux on Power Architecture Single Board Computers (SBC) available from and supported directly by Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions.

The PMC-704/704A M9 GPU based graphics mezzanine module provides dual independent heads with each head capable of driving both a digital and an analog output. The digital output supports TMDS/DVI or LVDS (Flatlink, OpenLDI, and Barco support) while the analog output, with Curtiss-Wright interlacer IP provides RS-170, PAL, NTSC, RS-343 and STANAG-3350 class A, B and C output as well as a non-interlaced RGB format, RGBHV.

The PMC-704/704A Graphics PMC also provides dual independent video capture inputs capable of simultaneous capture of one of four NTSC, PAL or RS-170 inputs, operates as a video input switch, and one of LVDS, RGB, RS-170, STANAG-3350 or RS-343 inputs. Genlock capability is also available that may be used to synchronize two displays or to synchronize a display against a capture device or reference signal. For applications that do not require video capture, please refer to the PMC-706 Graphics PMC module which has similar graphics capability to the PMC-704/704A without the video capture and genlock capability.

OpenGL 1.3, X11R6 and Video Capture drivers, collectively known as the Graphics Software Suite (GSS) is available from Curtiss-Wright for the major Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). The OpenGL driver supports both indirect mode rendering using the X Protocol and the higher performance direct rendering directly interfacing with the GPU for applications running locally.

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  • ATI RADEON™ Mobility 9000 Visual Processor Unit with:
    • 64 Mbytes integrated high-speed DDR SDRAM
    • Flexible power management capabilities
    • Hardware OpenGL acceleration
  • Dual independent video capture capabilities
    • Dual analog capture
      • Selectable NTSC, PAL, RS-170, and S-Video
      • RGB analog capture including RS-343, RS-170 and VGA
      • LVDS digital capture supporting OpenLDI and FlatLink standards
  • Dual independent analog and digital video outputs
    • NTSC, PAL, RS-170, RS-343, STANAG 3350 Class A, B, C and S-Video
    • Non-interlaced analog RGB
    • LVDS and DVI digital video interfaces
    • Optimized full X11 Server, X Extensions
    • Optimized OpenGL 1.3 compliant driver
  • Comprehensive operating system support
    • VxWorks Tornado 2.2, Green Hills INTEGRITY
    • Linux (TimeSys)
  • Available in a variety of ruggedization levels
PMC-706/A Dual Output Graphics PMC

PMC-706/A Dual Output Graphics PMC

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