VPX3-453 3U VPX DSP Processor Card with Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA and NXP Power Architecure MPC8640D

The VXP3-453 3U VPX Digital Signal Processor is designed to be used in either a single-board configuration, or in multi-board configurations with other VPX3-453 boards or with the VPX3-127 Single Board Computer (SBC) using a high-speed PCI Express serial switching fabric. Utilizing the massive parallelism and rapid reconfigurability of Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs, combined with the flexibility of an AltiVec-enabled dual-core NXP (formerly Freescale) Power Architecture MPC8640 processor, the VPX3-453 DSP engine is well suited to replace either dedicated ASIC-based hardware or large arrays of processors for front-end signal or image processing, where sustained data rates and processing performance are important to overall system performance, or general algorithm acceleration tasks where data is pushed into the FPGA for calculation performance that may take 10's of general purpose processors to achieve. All platforms utilize Curtiss-Wright's Continuum Software Architecture (CSA) to insure compatibility and user code commonality across platforms.

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  • 3U VPX-REDI VITA 48 1" pitch format
  • One user-programmable Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA node (LX240T) with:
    • One bank of 300 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (256 MB), up to 2.4 Gbytes/s peak bandwidth
    • Two banks of 300 MHz QDR SRAM (36 MB total), up to 4.8 GBytes/s peak bandwidth
  • One dual-core NXP Power Architecture MPC8640 Power Architecture @ 1 GHz
  • XMC mezzanine site
  • On-board Gen2 PCI Express switch with 8-lane Gen2 connectivity to the 8640, 4-lane port to the FPGA, 4-lane port to the XMC site, and two 4-lan Gen2 ports to the backplane
  • Support for ChipScope Pro and JTAG processor debug interfaces
  • Continuum FXtools developer's kit offers FPGA design kit and Continuum firmware and BSP for VxWorks and Linux
  • Continuum Vector subroute library available
  • Conduction-cooled L200 version

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