CHAMP-AV8/VPX6-462 6U OpenVPX Intel Core i7 3rd Gen Digital Signal Processor Card

The CHAMP-AV8 6U OpenVPX digital signal processor (DSP) combines the floating-point performance of the latest 3rd generation Intel Core processors with the substantial bandwidth and system-enabling features of the 6U OpenVPX form factor. Utilizing a pair of 2.1 GHz quad-core processors featuring the Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) instruction set, the CHAMP-AV8 DSP card delivers up to 269 GFLOPs. The high-performance cores are kept working efficiently with three levels of internal cache and a 21 GB/s (peak) DDR3 memory sub-system connected directly to the processor.

The CHAMP-AV8 digital signal processor board incorporates the enhancements of the OpenVPX (VITA 65) standard with a complete suite of Data Plane, Expansion Plane and Control Plane interfaces. With up to 32 GB/s of backplane performance, the CHAMP-AV8 OpenVPX Intel Core i7 signal processor has the bandwidth required to effectively harness the power of the processors.

The CHAMP-AV8 Intel processor card is supported with operating systems and development tools including VxWorks, Linux, and Gedae. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions provides signal processing libraries and a high-performance Inter- Processor Communications (IPC) Library for message passing and bulk data transfers. The Continuum Insights suite of multi-processor development tools provides system management, development, debugging and fabric analysis features to lower the cost of developing multi-core, multiprocessor software.

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  • Two Intel Core i7-3612QE quad-core processors at up to 2.1GHz
  • 4 Gbytes DDR3 SDRAM with ECC per processor
  • 8GB NAND flash per processor
  • 256 Kbytes NVRAM
  • Gen2 Serial RapidIO Data Plane interface, 8GB/s bi-directional bandwidth
  • Gen2 PCI Express Expansion Plane interface on P2, up to 8GB/s bidirectional bandwidth
  • Two 1000BASE-T, two 1000BASE-BX Ethernet interfaces
  • One VITA 42.3 XMC mezzanine site
  • Four EIA-232, two EIA-422/485 serial ports
  • Three USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Two SATA interfaces
  • Power/Temperature sensors
  • TPM Support (optional)
  • VxWorks® BSP supporting SMP
  • Linux LSP
  • Continuum Vector AVX/SSE optimized DSP function library
  • Continuum Insights multi-processor development tools
  • Continuum IPC inter-processor communications library
  • VITA 65 compliant per MOD6-PAY-4F1Q2U2T-12.2.1-11
  • Rugged air cooled and conduction cooled variants


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