Curtiss-Wright's open software approach supports portability and protects long-term investments in application development.  By partnering with the industry's leading providers of standards-based software, Curtiss-Wright enables a layered software architecture to allow modularization and abstraction across a variety of hardware platforms. Our teams work closely together to ensure product commonality and interoperability at all levels of the system solution, easing the tasks of application development and systems integration.

Curtiss-Wright has stepped up to support customers developing High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems with a package of open, standards-based tools proven in the realm of traditional supercomputers. We have selected the best supercomputer development tools, from well-known companies like Bright Computing and Allinea Software, and integrated them into the OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite. It delivers a smooth and predictable out-of-box experience, so the whole development staff gets up to speed quickly, aided by comprehensive training and documentation from Curtiss-Wright.

Product Sheet Product Name IMAGE Product Type Form Factor Type Interoperability
OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite High performance embedded computing FPGA, DSP Other Software CHAMP-XD2, CHAMP-XD1, VPX6-6802, CHAMP-AV8, VPX6-1959, VPX6-1958, VPX3-1259, VPX3-1258
Continuum Math Libraries Continuum Math Libraries SBC, DSP Other Math Subroutine Library CHAMP-XD1, CHAMP-AV8, VPX6-1959, VPX6-1958, VPX3-1259, VPX3-1258, CHAMP-XD2
Continuum Insights GUI Software Suite for Multi-Processor Systems Continuum Insights GUI Software Suite for Multi-Processor Systems DSP Other Software, Multi-node Management and Debug Tool VxWorks and Linux boards
Continuum Interprocessor Communication (IPC) Library Continuum Vector Signal Processing Library DSP Other Data Movement Middleware, Software VxWorks Intel and Power Architecture boards
Continuum Vector Signal Processing Library Serial FPDP HDL SBC, DSP Other Math Subroutine Library, Software Intel AVX, SEE CPU’s and Power Architecture AltiVec CPU’s
Dolphin PCIe Fabric Communications Library SBC, DSP Software VPX3-133, VPX3-131, VPX3-1259, VPX3-1258, VPX3-1220, CHAMP-XD1

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